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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

David Fury - "Buffy & Angel" Tv Series - Buffyfest.blogspot.com Interview

Friday 23 January 2009, by Webmaster


Buffyfest: You wrote for the Buffyverse for seven seasons. What do you consider to be Buffy’s finest moment as a character? How about Angel’s?

DF: There are so many fine moments for both characters - Anytime Buffy and Angel looked past their personal pains and issues, and embraced their heroic destinies, either through action or sacrifice, were always great and powerful.

Buffyfest: Where do you see Buffy when she’s 50 years old?

DF: Snuggled up in bed next to me. Heh heh. See? ’Cause, I’m not gay. Would a gay man say that? I don’t think so.

Anyway, I leave it up to Joss to imagine B’s future.

Buffyfest: You wrote "Awakening", which ends on a scene of Angel making love to Cordelia (with his eyes closed the entire time). As he loses his soul he cries out "Buffy!" Some fans concluded he was actually imagining he was with her, while others believe he was saying it simply out of fear or that you were just echoing "Surprise". What was your actual intention?

DF: Wow... That was, like, fifty years ago, so it’s difficult to remember. I’m gonna go with answer B. Or C. I think it was more of a sense memory thing, rather than imagining he was with Buffy.

Buffyfest: Was it difficult writing the fight between Spike and Angel in "Destiny", especially having Spike win, knowing the fans tend to have such strong opinions on the Spike versus Angel issue?

DF: Truthfully, Steve DeKnight wrote most of the fight in "Destiny" (off my outline). Originally, Angel won the fight (y’know, ’cause show called ANGEL), but as I was scripting the first couple of Acts, I realized it HAD to be Spike in the end. I called up Steve who was writing the later acts to tell him of my brilliant revelation Then we had our own big fight over it. You can hear about it on the commentary for the episode. Suffice it to say, Steve kicked my ass.

Buffyfest: You also hold the crown of being the only person other than Joss to write a season finale for Buffy, "Grave". Did you feel extra pressure to write a killer finale since that season was so controversial and divided in fan reaction?

DF: I felt a great responsibility, but not really pressure. Joss and Marti were very involved with the story break so I just did my best not to screw it up. I knew it was a terrific honor.

Buffyfest: How did it make you feel to write and direct the send off of both Cordelia and Charisma Carpenter from the series in "You’re Welcome"? Did you have a similar feeling while writing "Parting Gifts", which followed Doyle’s death?

DF: "You’re Welcome" was another great honor thrust upon me. This one I felt a bit more pressure for... It took a lot of last minute writing from everyone, including Joss, to give the 100th episode the weight it deserved — not the least of which, to give Charisma a send off that was respectful to her and Cordelia Chase. I was very proud to have my name on it.

"Parting Gifts" didn’t have the same weight, since Doyle had died in the prior episode. The fun part was introducing Wesley into this world.


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