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From Dreamwatch #116


David Fury - Dreamwatch #116 About Angel Cancellation

Transcribed by Totallydavidboreanazuk.com

Friday 26 March 2004, by Webmaster

David Fury’s Disappointment

Source: Dreamwatch #116

David Fury believes that money is firmly to blame for Angel’s shock cancellation. "Angel is actually one of the cheaper one-hour dramas to produce and we do lot with a little," he says. "But it’s still not as cheap as Seventh Heaven or reality programming."

Speaking just weeks after he told Dreamwatch of his delight at writing and directing Angel’s 100th episode, You’re Welcome, David Fury can barely contain his disappointment at The WB’s decision to pull the plug on the show - especially considering the lengths he and his colleagues went in order to ensure Angel’s fifth season met with the network’s approval. Nevertheless, he feels that the show itself hasn’t suffered one bit as a result of network interference.

"I honestly feel we haven’t compromised the things we wanted to do. We’re not so arc intensive. The network wanted to see more stand-alones and we did that, again without compromise, and we were able to subtly lay in an arc. We are very proud of this season. The show changes but it is still true to itself. There are so many avenues to play and I think we’ve been able to show that.

"We always had an ending for this season that we always knew would make a great series ending," he continues. "Angel’s potential cancellation has hovered over the show from the very beginning. This season in particular was so touch-and-go to get picked up that we knew whatever the ending we would do, it would have to satisfy both ends and I think we’ve managed to do that.

"Now that it’s definitive and we know it’s the end, we may take more care to wrap up more loose ends. But for the most part, the are and the grand scheme of it are on course."

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  • i,ll tell you why the wb is a bunch dumbasses that treat angel fans like crap as soon as i started watching angel on wb i,ve hated the wb everytime i get into the story they take angel off there is some bigger reason the show is gone and i think it content they don,t want to hear about the good fight they just want to win anything with message in it is cancelled and you know this tv is getting so bad i have not a clue as to what i am going to watch