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Official Angel Magazine #3 US - Exclusive Press Release

Friday 26 March 2004, by Webmaster


In Angel Magazine Issue Three, on sale February 24, we’re celebrating the 100th episode of Angel. Clearly a party was in order, and we were there to join in the festivities and report on the shindig! Also in this issue, there are interviews with Andy Hallett (Lorne), Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Mercedes McNab (Harmony), executive producer Jeffrey Bell discusses the latest Angel developments, join us behind-the-scenes with the Angel make-up department and we investigate the spooky subject of visions.

L.A. Latest
Jeffrey Bell joins us for his regular update on the season so far. He talks about Mexican wrestling, the appearance of Wesley’s estranged father and the reappearance of Cordelia! Plus, he’ll be answering some of your questions, too!

Directed by an Angel
“Soul Purpose” was the directorial debut of the eponymous star of Angel, David Boreanaz. With the writers looking to advance many storylines, such as developing Lindsey and Eve’s relationship, it was never going to be a walk in the park. Discover how he fared!

The Lorne Identity
There are many similarities between Andy Hallett and his character Lorne (although luckily for Andy, skin tone isn’t one of them!) and it’s no secret that Joss Whedon based the karaoke loving demon on the actor. Andy Hallett talks to us about Lorne, marathon make-up sessions and karaoke!

All About Eve Sarah Thompson’s Eve has been doing an admirable job of stirring up the Angel team lately! She chats to us about joining the cast and the challenges of the role.

Blonde Ambition
Angel’s PA, Harmony, has become a regular at Wolfram & Hart, appearing in 17 of the 22 Season Five episodes! Actress Mercedes McNab reveals what she thinks about her character and what she feels should happen to Harmony next - could PA become PI?

And there’s more!
Warts And All - a day in the life of the Angel make-up department! Drama Queen - Cordelia gives us some acting tips! Demon Hunters wanted - take Wesley’s test to see if you qualify!

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