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E ! Online’s Watch With Kristin - October 3, 2003

Friday 3 October 2003

Casper might be a friendly ghost, but let’s be clear—there’s no ghost I’d rather be "friendly" with than James Marsters. The Buffy alum is back from the dead on Angel, and to celebrate (and stalk), E ! News Live is going to the set of the WB’s Angel next Wed., Oct. 8, at 7 p.m. for live interviews with Marsters, David Boreanaz and the rest of the cast. And they chose yours truly to conduct the interviews, as I am a model of professionalism and journalistic integrity (and thankfully that whole restraining order business has been cleared up).

And since I want you to join in the fun, I’ve requested a little one-on-one time with Marsters (for you, really), so he can answer your questions on everything Spike, Angel and his kickin’ band, Ghost of the Robot. You can send in your questions nice and early. Then come back next Friday for the answers http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Kristin/Ask/index.html

Brotherly Love : Proving it’s his personal mission to star in all the best shows on the telly, D.B. Woodside, who last season moved from Once and Again to Buffy, is now in full swing in his latest role on 24.

"I’m playing Dennis Haysbert’s [President Palmer’s] little brother," Woodside said. "He hires me to become his new White House Chief of Staff."

And it sounds like little bro’s personality will be very different from the Prez. Could he be eeevil ? "I wouldn’t say evil," Woodside said. "But I would definitely say I do whatever it takes to protect my brother’s presidency, as well as him."

Hmmm...Do I smell the second incarnation of Sherry Palmer ? "I think my character is actually more overt than Sherry. [Laughs.] Sherry is dishonest. He’s very direct. He plays dirty politics, but he’s honest about playing dirty politics."

How long will he be playing dirty ? Well, we all know 24’s spoiler security makes CTU look like Romper Room, so it’s no surprise when Woodside says he can’t reveal the length of his contract. It’s also no surprise he’s hoping to stay. "I feel bad saying this because of Buffy," Woodside gushed, "but I never had as much fun on a set as this. It’s great, because everyone who shows up for work wants to be there. That should be the norm, but it’s not."

Smallville DVD Giveaway : Tarzan isn’t the only heroic hottie on the Frog net. Smallville just returned for its third season, and to celebrate, everyone who enters this Monday’s chat is eligible to win one of five copies of Smallville : The Complete First Season DVD. (Be sure to read the rules.)

So, join me this Monday at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT for more goodies on Alias, ER, Friends and all your faves.