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WB Wants Angel Movie - Confirmed by Garth Ancier, chairman of The WB network

Thursday 15 July 2004, by Webmaster

Garth Ancier, chairman of The WB network, confirmed to SCI FI Wire that the network has approached Angel creator Joss Whedon about doing a telefilm version of the canceled television series, about a vampire with a soul. "[We] have an offer on the table to Joss to do movies," Ancier said during the network’s fall press preview in Los Angeles. "When Joss and David Boreanaz are both interested in doing it at the same time, I’m sure we will be doing Angel movies. Certainly Joss would like to. David will take a bit more coaxing, but I think he will do it."

Ancier later attributed the cancellation of the series, which ended a five-year run on The WB last May, to pressure from producer 20th Century Fox Television for a quick answer as to the show’s renewal. "They had pushed for an early decision on whether the show should come back or not," Ancier said. "Had they not pushed for the early renewal, or, conversely, if we had said, ’You know what? Let’s wait till we get to the scheduling room in May and decide then,’ ... the show may or may not have been back. But I think we would have had that opportunity to discuss it. I think the mistake that was made is that between us and 20th, we didn’t wait until May. We just made the decision early based upon their request."

From Tvguide.com :

Death of an Angel

Twentieth Television’s request for WB to commit early to another season of Angel might have led to its cancellation.

This is going to hurt Angel fans.

Twentieth Television’s request for WB to commit early to another season of Angel might have led to its cancellation.

Ancier said had the studio been willing to wait until May - when WB executives set the fall schedule - there was a decent chance Angel might have been back for another season. Angel was a perennial "bubble" show. In the three seasons it was renewed, the decision was made in May after new pilots had been viewed and a fall schedule was set. That might have been the same case this year.

"The mistake that was made between us and Twentieth was that we didn’t wait until May, we just made the decision early based upon their request," he said.

From Freep.com :

By Mike Duffy

LOS ANGELES — Same old, same old WB.

And that was precisely the problem, says WB chairman Garth Ancier. The clever network carved out a successful niche as a channel-surfing clubhouse for younger viewers over the past decade, built on such shows as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Dawson’s Creek" and "Gilmore Girls."

Then came last season. Ratings stalled and there were eye-candy miscalculations, with the embarrassing flop of a hunky, clunky new "Tarzan" chief among them.

"I think we probably got a little stale as a network, we got a little derivative," said Ancier, talking with TV critics in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning about WB’s offbeat efforts to "try and create a network that doesn’t look the same every hour you turn it on."

So what’s the plan?

Call it a bit of the hectic eclectic, an effort to reach beyond WB’s teen audience for new viewers, different viewers and maybe even some — horrors! — older viewers.

"We knew we did well with teenagers, we knew we did well with (ages) 18-to-34," said Ancier of WB’s traditional viewing audience. But? "We wanted to invite more people into the tent."

To attract those new and different viewers, WB is rolling out a fall season that features a game show ("Studio 7"), a sketch comedy with down home stand-up Jeff Foxworthy ("Blue Collar TV") and an improvisational comedy with Drew Carey ("Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show") that channels the same ad-lib spirit and some personalities as Carey’s old ABC effort "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Also, WB is developing reality shows for mid-season that may be used to give some of the network’s drama series a temporary six- to eight-week vacation in order to avoid airing drama series reruns.

But WB hasn’t exactly forsaken drama. The network’s most promising new show, "Jack and Bobby," an imaginative family drama for viewers of any age, stars Emmy Award winner and ex-Detroiter Christine Lahti ("Chicago Hope") as the mother of two adolescent sons, one of whom grows up to be president.

Pssst, it’s not the Kennedys. This is Jack and Bobby McCallister. And the intriguing series, which mixes politics, social issues and emotionally rich family stories, is produced by "Everwood" creator Greg Berlanti and Emmy Award-winning "West Wing" producer Thomas Schlamme, Lahti’s husband.

The disappointments of last season — which also saw "Gilmore Girls" flounder creatively — eventually cost WB entertainment boss Jordan Levin his job. Levin’s been replaced by veteran producer David Janollari ("Six Feet Under"), who only recently took over as WB’s chief of programming.

"I think it’s going to be more romantic this year," Janollari noted of the upcoming "Gilmore" season. "It will take people into surprising places.’

CAPT. VIDEO NOTES: Though nothing’s imminent, WB has offered "Angel" creator Joss Whedon and star David Boreanaz a chance to do "Angel" movies in the future.

* Note: Part of the Capt. Video Notes was left out due to revealing spoilers for other WB shows.

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  • I think this attitude of thewb throwing the guilt to 20th century sucks. No one ever talked about this issue and now that they see how much damaged their image is with this whole thing, they try to shift the guilt to 20th century fox.
  • Hmmm...is somebody just now realizing that canceling the show was a mistake?
  • thank god. This seems like a very reliable extract and although i would put emphasis on the "seems" i am hopeful.

    DB did say tho that he would only reprise his role as Angel if it was done on a much grander scale. in other words he wants a big budget and a big paycheck. im just hoping that he accepts whatever they offer him and he doesnt pull a SMG and ask for inexplicable amounts of money.

    Anyway, heres hoping that we will have more great works from the Jossmaster.

  • OMG.they cancelled ANGEL beecause of that?????!!!!!!!!!!OMG.why don’t they just cancel one of their shitty shows and use all their cash (for the ANGEL movies for another season or 5 instead?lol.I honestly don’t quite know what to think of this. soo they’re blameing the cancellation on 20th century?hmm.the 20th Century that Joss Whedon told us to write to(to show support) when the show got cancelled? I are confused.
  • GREAT news bout the movie...glad someone at the stupid WB knows a good thing when they see it. Hope DB will accept to do it.

    But whats with the cr*ppy excuse about how its all 20th cetury fox televisions fault? If you left it till May ya still wouldve cancelled it then joss wouldnt have been able to close the show...You cant have it bothways!

    I dont live in America so dont really know if theres something im missing.Am i being reasonable or have i missed something

    WB still stinks:(...for now

  • boy you would think that they could have thought of this at the time. Can anyone say suck up, they are obviously trying to stay in the fans good graces considering that they know they F@#ked up.
  • Ummm yeah that doesnt make me happy. Well, the Angel movies do, but the fact that they’re admitting there was a good chance to keep the show on, and didnt bother to do so makes me upset. I guess I’ll live..
  • Dangling carrots infront of desperate fans again YOU BASTARDS AT WB!!!!!!!!!!

    They’d better stick Spike in it somewhere 

  • I am so tired of hearing excuses from the WB, it’s happened it was their fault. it was a big mistake, HUGE but it’s done and every so often they keep yapping about making Angel movies when both Joss Whedon and David Boreanaz are ready, that’ll be in like 7 years! David is "looking forward" to what else is out there and he’s not coming back unless its something huge and maybe big screen-ish. Joss Whedon wants to but they BOTH have to be on board, It’s been hard accepting that Angel is gone and these occasional little suggestions of maybe working together again is dumb because they want to look good in the end with the viewers making it seem like "we did care, and we do like Angel but we were pressured" well boo bloody hoo, poor WB (sarcasm) their a network for crying out loud! and their executives and workers should be able to work under pressure and think things through all angles and all perspectives before coming to a decision as to what’s best for the network AND THEIR VIEWERS. Even if Joss and them did want to make a TV movie THe WB has been really rash and really underestimated Joss Whedon and they deserve better treatment than that so they should try and do a TV movie but in another network that APPRECIATES them like they deserve.
  • Why are the WB so full of shit. Why dont they just admit they made a complete ballsup. Of all there shows Angel was the only one to have a good increase in ratings from the previous year. Even the supergimp had a decrease of ratings from last year.
  • Well it all comes down too DAVID... does he want to do ANGEL the movie..Time is all we have now...because they hurried to canceled ANGEL was a big ...no wait HUGE MISTAKE.

    See online : WB Wants Angel Movie-Confirmed by Garth Ancier,Chairman of the WB Network

  • UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!!! I have no idea how to think - it feels like it’s done, get on with things, forget it already! DB said he wants something major before he’ll even consider coming back for a movie. I believe him. They treated the show crappy and if I were him, I’d sure be pissed! And do we think WB will give in to that kinda demand? I don’t. They’ve proved their stupidity quite handily!

    Maybe they’re thinking it’s a mistake now? Well, BS, how many months did they have from the time they announced it till it ended to change their minds?? Seemed like a long time to me! Ppl had made themselves perfectly clear how they felt about the decision - if money talks in that town, it sure didn’t seem to phase them to see the money, their *GOD*, the fans were willing to put out in trying to save the show.

    So now they’re trying to save face and shift the blame so those of us who have taken their station off our remote memory, and could care less what they have on now, will change our minds and give them another chance? They got their 2nd chance already. I was mad when they did it to Buffy. But Angel was still on and Buffy continued on another station, so I decided to forget about it. But at the same time, I said they’re gonna do the same thing to Angel when his 5th year’s ended - and sure enough, they proved me right.

    So I’ll believe it when I see it - and I don’t expect to see it.

  • This is just Bogus.. Now that the dust is cleared..(They think) The WB is trying to get back all the angry fans so we will come watch there new shows in the fall. By trotting out the same story they said way back in Feb. when they cancelled the show. We have offered TV movies. Joss said no then because he is spending the next year on The Firefly movie. And David has clearly spelled out he will not do it as a TV movie. The Angel people. Cast and Crew have all said No to this TV movie in various interviews. This is just another ploy by the great people at the WB. And now they have the nerve to blame the cancellation on Fox. I for one don’t belive there will ever be a Angel TV movie. Mabe they can get back James or Anthony Head or Allyson to do the Buffy cast movie’s but not an Angel one with David. If we all keep asking hopefully we will get a big Screen Angel Movie. Like Firefly is getting. So I for one will not be watching the WB in the fall.
  • WHAT??! so now they didnt want to cancel? they did it too early?? bastards!!!
  • a SPIKE movie!!!!! we want a SPIKE movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a PR stunt through and through. If the WB really thought that Angel was going to continue or even if it had a chance of continuing when they decided in May. Then why didn’t they just turn around and say... changed our minds heres another season of Angel in May like every one wanted them to. this just suggests to me the the WB a liars out to lasso the Angel audence back in. well WB the thing about whedonverse fans is they are highly intelligent and can see through you little charade you do not win this fan back.
  • I haven’t had time to read all of the posts. But I just want to point out that if Fox had waited like WB wanted them to , we wouldn’t have an ending. I don’t know if Fox was looking out for Joss or just doing buisness.
  • Fuck WB. I’m not watchin another tv show on that network again until they bring Angel back.
  • Maybe I’m just incredibly bitter- but Ancier is so lying through his arse. He isn’t a New Guy to the WB, he was there with Levin & could have done something to stop or retract the cancellation. I mean, there was that freakin thing with the Beanie Babies for Ancier, not to mention postcards, chocolate, rallies, etc. He just ignored everything. Now he is just saying anything for us to watch the WB again, after they basically told Angel Fans f*#^ off we don’t care about quality tv or what viewers want?? What a SOB, I hope they all rot in hell.
  • If movies, based in the Buffyverse do come about, I’d like to see: Giles Spike Willow Xander Fred/Illyria Oz Tara And if it will only be an ats movie, add Gunn and Lorne
  • (a SPIKE movie!!!!! we want a SPIKE movie!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    uh, you don’t need one, luv. Spike already had his own show- it was called ’Angel Season 5’ and it sucked.

    See online : http://povonline.com

  • what mark evanier said
  • Actually, both s5 Angel AND s7 Buffy were Spike shows. I loved the character since he appeared in School Hard, but when he’s in every scene, and the scenes he’s not in have the characters talking about him, I just wanted the Scoobies and thr Fang Gang back in the picture. The thing is, though, that if there are 4 TV movies, and only one of them is of Spike, I would love him again. It doesn’t matter if the attention is all on him when its supposed to be, like in "Fool for Love". The other characters I’d love to see in their own movies would be Giles and Willow, and either Faith or Illyria. Maybe the Spike movie could be with Illyria, so Faith could get 2 hours to herself. Or, Willow and Giles could be in a movie together, so Faith and Illyria could each get their own.
  • Oh wow...i feel just horrible for saying rude remarks about the WB now because they "didn’t want to cancel Angel". Yeah okay I’m sure...it’s just because they know that noone will watch the WB next year cuz they screwed us over!
  • If they really didn’t know for sure, but thought they might cancel, they could have told Joss, ’wrap it up, but leave it open just in case, and we will tell you for sure in May’.

    Please. I still hate the WB, and will not watch their stupid shows. The only chance they have to win me back is to actually make the movies. Do what it takes, but make the movies, or they have lost me as a viewer forever

  • Spike should have his own movie our show.And I think the WB should rethink Angel cause there are tons of viewers all over the world who watch it.And the creators just had to leave the end hangin like that but at least it made room for sequels.Spike is also the most hottest and wonderful person on the planet along with James Marsters who plays him.
  • Why did the WB cancel Angel if they still want a movie about it?WB made a mistake,we all know it,and so do they. Angel rulez don’t forget it!I just hope that David doesn’t say "no" to this movie....
  • We need an Angel movie desparately. but a Spike movie please. Angel was and is the star Spike on both shows wasn’t. Angel was the leader for a reason people willingly followed him. Spike is a great character but the movie would be way better with Spike not the lead character. Most people think JM is cute and since he’s funny and got the bad boy thing he would make a better movie idea than Angel. Spike is just repeating what Angel did. A movie about a vamp with a soul Angel. And they couldn’t and shouldn’t do a movie if he’s not in it.
  • The WB betrayed it’s core fans and now they are rushing to make up for there huge mistakes. They better think about more carefully every decision they make from now on. Oh BTW. Spike is a great character but a movie without Angel is just crazy. The cliffhanger ended with our hero wanting to slay the dragon and not to see anymore of him. I see alot of people like Spike and think he looks good. But he has always been a secondary character never the lead. The gang always trusted and followed Angel we didn’t see to much of Spike taking on leader responsiblities. The show and movie is about a vampire with a soul. If they just switched Spike would just be copying from Angel. There shouldn’t be a movie if DB isn’t in it to play Angel. And I wouldn’t understand why he wouldn’t come back after the WB tossed him asside with no respect for the years of dedication put into the character. He was in every episode of Angel I know I don’t want to see the movie if he’s not in it.
  • No way, a spike movie?. Hes a good character but he could never have his own show or movie. Its already been done with angel, and angels a far better character than spike ever will be, thats why they made five seasons called Angel. Also I think the Wb should to the right thing and make a theatrical movie since they made a complete ballsup. I think DB would definetly go for it then.
  • I am still waiting for WB’s public apology.

    The person below, who still posting and posting... Don’t say what all Spike’s fan think, ’cause you obviously don’t know. The point:

     Spike IS the most popular character of Angel/Buffy verses, admitted, proved, period, end of story, no matter whether you like it or not.

     SMG and DB admitted that they DO NOT WANT to be part of the TV movie, whether you like it or not.

     JM said he would do it, and I have no clue why you don’t like it. If you are a true fan, would you rather have 0(zero) movie than a movie which has Spike in it? Honestly, damp blond here, don’t get it.

    And, yes, please, movie with any actor/character who wants to be a part of it! I miss them all (even Eve!), and wouldn’t mind to see what happens even if the ’big stars’ whose characters refered as ’heroes’, DB and SMG are not interested. Spike movie would be just splended!

  • I’d love any movie with characters from the Buffyverse, but am most interested in Giles, Willow, Spike and Fred/Illyria. If only a Spike movie is done, I’m sure Joss would ask for cameos from the other stars.
  • OK WB, it’s time for an apology, or bring the show back. It was the only show increased. You screwed up, now fixed it.

    And DB, do a damn TV movie. Don’t be a loser. We fought for you, now stand with us.

  • Spike needs to fuck off or change into the great character he was (BS4, BS5)! And he’s far from the most popular character of the show. Why else did the ratings drop?
  • I dont think spike needs to fuck off, but I do agree his character changed into a lovestruck fool that just didnt suit him. If they where to do a spike show or movie it would be better if there was no sign or mention of buffy at all then we could see the character that he was meant to be.
  • i will watch anything that even SAYS ’buffy’ or ’angel’ in it. so any tiny tidbit of a tv movie, a cameo in another series by a buffy/angel star ANYTHING i will grab onto it and never let go. i miss the show so much, it was truely a release from life, for even just an hour, to get away and be in a whole other world.

    i hate the WB so fucking much. fucking losers.

  • Irregardless of who is more popular or whether DB or SMG will do a TV movie, the first step should be what the story line is.

    A really good story line, possibly tying up all the loose ends from both series, I think would be fantastic..

    And depending on how good the script is, SMG and DB could be coaxed..

    My thoughts are why not start the movie from the end of the last angel ep.. Get both gangs working together in full to fight the apparent "THE apocalypse" mentioned a few eps ago..

    Maybe a mini series..

    (Sorry I am late with my comments but angle only finished a week ago in Australia)

  • If they are making a movie, they are going to have to explain how that fight ended in the last episode of Angel. If they do get SMG, then maybe the scoobies will be the ones who end up saving angels butt (and maybe a couple dozen slayers).
  • I personally think and I have alot of friends who think this too you should make a Angel movie and have it start where the showw left off, but I can tell you one thing if no I should say when you make a movie it shouldn’t be a tv mini movie, it should go to theaters and trust me with all the people that loved the show would think the same and tell you the truth I kinda wanna see how she did what she did to that car, so please I ask you if you were a fan of the show which I think you should considering you created the show would you like to see the Angel movie on tv with an outradgous number of cammertuals or would you like to see it on the big screen I leave u with that thaught.
  • Yes i agee i like to see it happen and if it does they need to bring wesley back i mean IIyria stenth would have to be him i meancame on if you do the movie s or the spin-off they would have to be some way on bring wes back and i would be happy to see him back so joss please bring him back in the movie after the battle or the spin-off so joss please he said he like to play him again so please bring him back
  • hi. I’m mexican, I never watched anything in my life, I mean, never got hooked up with anything, not even soup operas (wich is like a national sport here, national tv sucks). I Loved Buffy and ANGEL, with all their characters, I never missed an episode, I truly couldn’t wait for the new one, cryied when both shows ended.

    I liked buffy’s ending... (But still want her back)

    But I was heart broken with angel’s ending, makes me feel like I just wasted 5 years of my life watching... everything I hoped for, like him becoming a human, living hapily ever after with buffy, or what?

    I think they ough us a couple of movies at least...

    they’re so ungreatful, I buy everything they sell about all of them, even watch old movies with any of the actors involved in the series...

    I’d definetly wath a tv movie, or a spinn off...

    I hate any other shows, I think they’re all crap...

    I’m never watching the wb again or fox, I’m not happy about this...

    do something (I feel so frustrated)