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Firefly DVD on schedule, anticipates no problems

By Hacken

Wednesday 17 September 2003, by Webmaster

Good news for those of you who are wondering about the upcoming Firefly DVD Set release date. According to Mutant Enemy President Chris Buchanan, as of this morning, the release date of the Firefly DVD set is still December 9th and that FOX Home Entertainment does not anticipate any problems. "Trust me, [Fox Home Entertainment] wants to make sure the DVDs are available for holiday purchasers," wrote Buchanan in an email to FIREFLYFANS.NET. "It’s pure American capitalism — the more DVDs they sell, the more $$$ they make."

Originally priced at $37.49 on AMAZON.COM, the Firefly DVD Set was available for pre-order earlier this summer before fans of the TV series exhausted Amazon’s allotted inventory in just a couple of days. At its peak the Firefly DVD Set held the #2 spot on Amazon’s bestsellers list. "[Fox Home Entertainment] pushed [Mutant Enemy] and the cast of [Firefly] hard to complete production of all of the (tons of) ancillary DVD materials in time for a fall release," added Buchanan, referring to the loads of interviews and commentaries by cast members, writers, and directors—including Joss Whedon—that are on the DVDs for all episodes of Firefly, plus the three that were never aired in the US, and the hilariously funny Firefly Gag Reel.

While pre-orders are no longer accepted on AMAZON.COM, Firefly fans have been able to pre-order through other sources such as Best Buys and Barnes and Noble, but availability is sporadic at best. Please check back here on FIREFLYFANS.NET for any news of availability.