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’Watchdog’ investigates UK Angel convention

Wednesday 17 September 2003, by Webmaster

Angel, a spin off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is a dark, complex character with brooding good looks. Last month David Boreanaz, the actor who plays Angel, came to the UK for the "David Boreanaz European Event 2003". The Event was organised by Jealous Events and around 6,000 Angel fans paid between 49 and 79 for the privilege of meeting David and some of the other stars from the programme.

Deborah Longman, Kelly Dickens and Donna Brown all attended but were disappointed with the way that the event was run. The event was supposed to begin at 10am, but it was delayed for 2 hours and didn’t get going until midday. The seating was divided into different areas depending on how much fans had paid but nobody seemed to be checking tickets. People that had paid more money for their tickets couldn’t get to seating in the area that was allocated to them.

Donna Brown told us what happened when she finally got to meet David, "we were told by stewards no touching, no talking, he wouldn’t personalise, we weren’t to speak to him. They were literally shunting us in as fast as our feet would carry us."

Jealous Events organisers response:

Jealous events say they’re not in the business of ripping people off. They’re in the business to bring over Hollywood stars to Britain, and despite the problems they say the Angel event was a "great success". They do admit there were seating problems. And they admit the stewards were in fact fans who "volunteered" for the job. They’ll now consider reviewing those ticketing and stewarding arrangements.

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  • > ’Watchdog’ investigates UK Angel convention

    19 December 2003 14:47, by Sarah Lee
    My friends and I attended the Buffy Halloween ball organised by jealous events. We too were disapointed with the outcome. We were promised a funfair and casino, which turned out to be one poker table and a ’bunkin bronko’ ride. Also they promised us top celebs and we ended up with three actors that had appeared in the series once. We also were told it was a weekend and it turned out to be just the one day. Lets say we do not plan on spending our money at jealous events again.
  • > ’Watchdog’ investigates UK Angel convention

    28 January 2004 23:18, by Anonymous
    Does anyone know what has happened to jealous events? The website is not working and no one answers the phones when i ring them.