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Firefly Marathon at Coolidge Corner in Brookline Massachusetts

Sunday 11 September 2005, by Webmaster

The Firefly Marathon

Sat Sep 24

Browncoats get ready! Joss Wedon’s movie SERENITY, based on the cult TV show FIREFLY, hits the screens on September 30th. So, in celebration (and preparation) of this exciting new sci-fi event (created, as if you didn’t know, but the same brilliant genre master who brought you BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) we are showing all 14 episodes of the original TV series IN THEIR ENTIRETY ON THE GIANT SCREEN!

Starting at midnite on Saturday, join the Serenity crew for all of their eventually-cancelled-yet-seriously-brilliant adventures. Come morning you’ll not only be up to speed, but stuffed full from out Chinese buffet, and flush full of groovy prizes from competing in our Joss Whedon trivia challenge. Dress up as your favorite Firefly cast member (the more Zoes the better!), swear in Chinese, debate on what’s really up with Shepherd Book...but most of all be prepared for the best darn marathon in the verse!