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"Firefly" Marathon to Broadcast on Monday

Sunday 17 September 2006, by Webmaster

The ScFi Channel will air eleven consecutive Firefly episodes on Monday, September 18th. Starting at 8:00 AM, the show will run in the intended order, all the way to its final episode (excluding the three unaired episodes).

If you have limited time (say, like you have to work or something), at least TiVo my favorite episode, ’Jaynestown’, at 3:00PM. If you do not sing along with the ’Ballad of Jayne’, I just do not know what to say to you.

Seriously, Firefly is a must-see science fiction series. Although it was cancelled after its eleven episode run (the other three episodes were released later), many thought it was not given enough time to mature. Adding to the problem, FOX initially aired the show out of order. Obviously, the network did not understand the concept of a show building on each episode, especially with Whedon, whose humor can only be appreciated if you understand the characters. The community, called ’Browncoats’ created enough noise that the ’Firefly’ bases movie, ’Serenity’, was filmed - with the entire original cast!

I first saw this new via the commentary on Whedonesque a few weeks ago, but I decided to wait until the actual marathon date to post. Just doing my part to help everyone experience this great, short-lived show! Now, if SciFi would just air ’Serenity’ right after this marathon...