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Firefly’s Serenity Wrap Party - Tonight Saturday 28th 2004

Saturday 28 August 2004, by Webmaster

27 August 2004

Hi Roj:

Serenity is officially over. I’m going to the wrap party tomorrow night. We’ve packed up our stuff in boxes. My dressing room is cleared out. Kinda crazy that it went by so fast, but I knew it would.

The last two weeks (specifically my last week, which was second to last for the rest of the crew) was very, very hectic. We saved the most difficult stuff to the end, which I guess was a good idea, considering we had so much time (and so much fun) doing the nice stuff for the first two months. But all of the action stuff was tagged on at the end of the schedule, which means lots of scrambling to get our "days"... and by that I mean, lots of overtime. Some of us— and I won’t say who because that would be saying too much— had so much stunt/wire work to do, they basically worked all day and then went straight to rehearsal (which we call Fight Camp), and then got up in the morning to work again, and so on. Whew.

I’m glad that we were so busy, though, because none of us could see "the end" coming so much. And when it did happen, it was very surreal. It was late at night, and everyone was fired up on caffeine (having slept probably about six hours the night before, if that), and ready to keep filming... and suddenly it was announced that we were wrapped. And not just any wrap... "picture wrapped". But it was a really lovely moment. Everyone was so exhausted, we literally collapsed into each other’s arms for a hug and vowed to celebrate at the wrap party (so we didn’t really have to say good-bye right then)... and that was it.

To be a part of something so special is incredibly gratifying. I can’t wait to see the finished cut with all the special effects included. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions. It’s going to an interesting 2005.

As will DragonCon, which is next weekend... That snuck up on me, too. Adam and Nathan are going, (as the whole world knows by now at this point) which is nice for me. I have my big bro’s there to help me spread the word. It’ll be a nice cap to a wonderful experience.

What a place to be in right now. I feel great. Tired, but great.

I’ll write when I’m home in beautiful Van-city.

Jewel Staite

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