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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Future of Michelle Trachtenberg

By John Mesh

Sunday 23 March 2003, by Webmaster

I have been reading all of the posts [at Michelle Trachtenberg Net] today and I’m kind of angry and a bit frustrated.

It would be a shame and a tragedy if Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon ended the seven-year run of BTVS without tapping the potential that is Dawn Summers as played by the remarkable Michelle Trachtenberg.

We’ve watched both Michelle and Dawn grow up before our eyes.

While Dawn has become extraordinary, Michelle has become a beautiful young lady.

Hopefully, some things will be resolved during the final six eps of BTVS concerning Dawn, but there has been minimal info presented on various spoiler sites and other websites on what will become of Dawn.

We get a few snapshots here and there, but it isn’t until we see 7.21 that Dawn becomes a focused part of the final scenario. Yes indeed the scene with Xander is disturbing especially since his remarks to Dawn in "Potential."

There are still many questions surrounding the mystery of Dawn Summers. Who is she?

Is she still the Key? Is she a Potential? Since she’s Buffy’s sister (despite being dropped into everyone’s life by the monks), is she by blood next in line to succeed Buffy and Faith as the Slayer? Does she possess Slayer super strength? Is she research girl? Is she just one of the Scoobies? Is she a warrior? Is she a witch of sorts?

I have always felt that the answer is yes to all of these questions and I’ve felt this since last year in 6.22 "Grave" when she demonstrated her newfound maturity and strength as she got Buffy’s back.

In the first three eps of Season 7, it looked as if Buffy was taking Dawn under her wing. Since Buffy went on her power trip, Dawn has been left in the background. Like most of Season 6, Buffy has been neglecting Dawn.

Maybe Buffy will wake up to what kind of an asset Dawn is.

However, we still have the unresolved situation of what exactly did the ghost of Joyce mean in "Conversations with Dead People" when she said "Buffy won’t choose Dawn." Personally, I think Buffy has already not chosen Dawn (sorry), so I think this warning has already come true.

Now we see in the spoilers for 7.21 that Buffy still thinks Dawn still needs to be protected like she was the "innocent" the monks put into Buffy’s charge. I don’t know what Dawn is doing by charging back into Sunnydale to fight. Maybe she knows her future.

I don’t think that Mutant Enemy would leave all those loose ends surrounding Dawn be left twisting in the wind if they still didn’t have plans for her.

I would hope that Dawn wouldn’t be sacrificed in 7.22 (or wouldn’t sacrifice herself).

I hope the "no spin-off" info is incorrect, but I suspect its right.

If Mutant Enemy is planning a spin-off for 2004, then I hope Dawn is in the plans.

Joss Whedon said himself that all of the main actors on BTVS are strong enough to carry a show. I hope he puts his money where his mouth is. By the way, does Joss read the MTNet?

If there isn’t a BTVS spin-off, then I hope that Dawn, Willow and possibly Andrew and (gulp) Kennedy move to LA to help out at Angel Investigations. Maybe Spike too, although two re-ensouled vampires is a bit much to swallow.

From what I understand, Angel’s future is up in the air.

And even if they do come back, it’s my understanding that Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) is likely to leave to be with her husband and baby and they will need someone to replace her.

If they decide not to move some of the BTVS folks over to Angel, then I think Michelle Trachtenberg will resurface and become a force in films. She starts a film next month in Prague — hopefully they will change the tentative name of "Ugly Americans" to something else.

I have been a fan of Michelle’s since "Harriet the Spy" and will remain one.

I just hope we haven’t seen the end of Dawn Summers.