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Joss Whedon talks about "Serenity" Movie DVD release

Wednesday 21 December 2005, by Webmaster

Post subject: It’s like Christmas in July... in December!

Yes, gentle viewers (and rough, burly viewers) (and viewers who are mostly gentle and kind and then one day WHAM! homicidal rage), it’s officially ’SERENITY comes out on DVD’ day. Last night as we slept, Santa rode around in his sleigh and delivered shiny, odd-looking DVD’s to all the good video stores (The naughty video stores got [insert movie you hate to complete witticism]). Everyone’s buying copies, the Whos down in Whoville are all joining hands and singing, the President has declared a National Holiday for himelf lasting four months (again) and all is right with the world except for war and famine and stuff like that. But let’s not dwell. What I’m excited about isn’t just that fans get their copies, or that the people who decided to wait till vid will pick it up. What I’m excited about is someone who has no idea what SERENITY is getting so bored they decide to give it a shot. When I worked in a video store centuries ago, my favorite moment ever was seeing a young girl watching the monitor where we’d thrown up "Holy Grail" and pulling at her mom’s sleeve laughing, saying "Look, mommy, they’re using coconuts!" Ahh, the classics.

All I can do is hope the stores display our little film proudly, and that we manage, in our own small way, to sell five hundred billion copies in the first twelve minutes. Reach for the stars, kids. Barring that, I hope that some day a small child will be tugging on a sleeve and saying "Look, Mommy, the intransigent moral rectitude of the antagonist’s world view renders him humble to the point of arrogance!" Kids are so cute.

Well, no news to give you; just wanted to take a moment to be with my peeps on this auspicious day. Have fun. You’ve earned it. Most of you. some of you are just cruising by on other people’s hard funwork. You think I don’t know!?! But let’s not dwell.

Smooches, -joss.