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Kristin Chat Transcript - Monday, November 24, 2003

Tuesday 25 November 2003, by Webmaster

Watch With Kristin - Chat Transcript Monday, November 24, 2003

janaw asks: I LOVED Lindsay’s return to Angel!! Were you as surprised as I was? Kristin replies: I had heard rumours but hadn’t been able to confirm. Curses!! Though, damnit, I do love it when they toy with me so. I’m trying to get him on the horn to get the JUICE!

bheryandcherry asks: angel news?? i’m still in shock from last week. Kristin replies: In the 11th ep, we’ll be introduced to a new character — a woman who is koo koo for cocoa puffs and has spent the better part of her youth in a straight jacket. She also speaks in tongues and only one man can understand her - Angel baby. They get reconnected with Andrew (Tom Lenk - Wwheee! Love him!) through the nutty girl, whose name is Dana.

evanichole asks: Do you have any news at all on Charisma’s return? Kristin replies: She’ll come back for the 12th episode (one after Tom Lenk’s return) And she is going to serve up Angel a whole heap of grief over his connection to Wolfram and Hart - she tries to convince Angel to sever his ties. (Betting on those new fancy sets, I’m guessing no.)

toliver63 asks: How good is ’Alias’? I’m thinking it’s Buffy Season 2 good. Krisitn replies: Ooooh....tall order. But I think you’re right on the money, tollie.

park450 asks: Sarah Thompson on some other show. Does this mean Eve will die? Yes? Please. Kristin replies: Looks promising, no? For now, I hear that Angel will sick security on her.

freddiemac asks: How much longer will Danny Strong be on Gilmore G? Kristin replies: Officially, he’s only been signed for one more episode, but when I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago, he seemed hopeful that it would last, on and off, throughout the season. Now what about that Doyle show!!?? I know, he can move to Venice Beach to reconnect with his long-lost father who owns a hotdog stand. Now THAT’S and idea!!!