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Angel Fan Club Newsletter - November 2003

Tuesday 25 November 2003, by Webmaster

The Angel Scrolls From the Official Fan Club

Vol. 2, No.11 FROM THE EDITOR... I’m going to make a bold statement: This season of Angel rocks! Okay, so maybe that’s not so bold considering I think every season has been great, but you’ve got to love the reintroduction of Harmony and, of course, her cuddly "Blondie Bear," Spike. To let us know what you think of Season 5 so far, drop us a line at angeltrivia@yahoo.com. But first, check out this month’s interview with Gina "Jasmine" Torres and some truly brain-busting trivia. Enjoy!

Mike Stokes Editor, The Angel Fan Club Newsletter


DIRECTED BY AN ANGEL David Boreanaz is the director of the Season Five’s 10th episode, "Soul Purpose."

FIREFLY RETURNS Joss Whedon is reportedly in talks to resurrect his excellent space opera, Firefly, as a feature film.

LILA GETS CUT Look for Stephanie Romanov in the science-fiction thriller The Final Cut opposite Robin Williams and Mira Sorvino. The film takes place in a world where people get memory implants to change their pasts, presents and futures. It is scheduled for release in 2004.

ALONE WITH MY BOOKS In Jeff Mariotte’s latest Angel novel, Solitary Man, the dark avenger continues his quest to make up for his bloody past. The novel will be available in December.


SEASON 5 SCRIPTS We are pleased to offer the Official Season Five Shooting Scripts that have aired this season. You can find them in the NEW ITEMS and SCRIPTS store categories on the fan club site. We will make new episodes available within a few days after each episode airs throughout the new season (so stay tuned).

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In honor of Angel’s syndicated premiere this season on TNT, this trivia quiz takes you back to the minutiae of Season One!

Q: How many vampires were dusted in Season One? Q: Who was the first former Buffy cast-member to appear on Angel? Q: What was Angel’s pre-vampire name?


Cordelia: That’s Harmony. She’s visiting for a couple of days. Wesley: It’s all right to speak freely in front of her. She’s a vampire. Gunn: Don’t we kill ’em any more?


Jasmine may have cast an evil spell on Los Angeles, but Gina Torres is purely enchanting.

Gina Torres has one of the most colorful resumes in television. If you’re a fan of action and science fiction, you might have recognized her as Zoe Warren from Firefly or Helen from Cleopatra 2525. She’s also graced the as Anna Espinosa in Alias and LaMayne in Dark Angel, Cleopatra in Xena: Warrior Princess and Nebula in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Hard-core fans might even remember her from her days on M.A.N.T.I.S. or spotted her in Matrix: Reloaded, which also featured her real-life husband, Laurence Fishburn, as Morpheus. For Angel fans, however, Torres will always be Jasmine—a living nightmare in the guise of a goddess who met one of the most grisly ends in television history. While Jasmine is gone, however, the actress who played her so perfectly is doing fine and happy to talk about the experience.

Angel Fan Club: What was your first impression of Jasmine?

Gina Torres: I had an inkling as to what her history and what her makeup would be when [Joss Whedon] sort of pitched her to me, and I thought, "This is great, this is wonderful." They wanted me to play, essentially, the perfect woman who puts this spell on people. When I actually read it in black and white and saw they didn’t hold back, I was very pleased. I was excited about the prospect of playing that kind of duality.

AFC: Was your approach to the character modeled after anyone?

NEXT ISSUE: Gina Torres talks about her favorite episode, crossing paths with Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s DB Woodside and life at home with Morpheus.


Doyle: Once upon a time there was a vampire, and he was the meanest vampire in all the land. All the other vampires were afraid of him, he was such a, bastard. Then one day he’s cursed by gypsies. They restore his human soul. And all of a sudden he is mad with guilt. You know: What have I done? You know, he’s freaked.

Angel: Okay. Now I’m sleepy.

Doyle: Well, it’s a fairly dull tale. It needs a little sex is my feeling. So, sure enough, enter the girl. Pretty little blonde thing, vampire slayer by trade, and our vampire fell madly in love with her. Eventually the two of them, they get fleshy with one another. The moment he... I guess the technical term is ’perfect happiness,’ but when our boy gets there, he goes bad again. He kills again. It’s ugly. So when he gets his soul back for a second time, he figures he can’t be anywhere near Young Miss Puppy-Thighs without endangering them both. So, what does he do? He takes off. Goes to L.A., to fight evil and atone for his crimes. He’s a shadow. A faceless champion of the hapless human race.

From "City Of" (episode 1.1) written by David Greenwalt

TRIVIA ANSWERS: Q: How many vampires were dusted in Season One? A: 27; we counted.

Q: Who was the first former-Buffy cast member to appear on Angel? A: Angel. Yup, it’s a trick question.

Q: What was Angel’s pre-vampire name? A: Liam (The Prodigal; episode 1.15).

NAME THE EPISODE ANSWER: "Disharmony" (episode 2.17)

NEXT SCROLL: More of our conversation with Gina Torres, Lorne trivia and the latest Angel news. See you then!

Mike Stokes Editor, The Angel Scrolls