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Kristin - Chat

Thursday 3 April 2003, by Webmaster

christina asks: did you have a relationship with sarah michelle gellar? Kristin replies: Geez, if I had a nickel for everytime someone asked me that question!!

ahren asks: Will E! have some kind of tribute to mark the end of Buffy? Entering the beginning stages of grief . . .pain . . . must have closure.

Kristin replies: Feeling ... you ... babe. Something very cool we have on the way: Every Tuesday for the last five episodes of Buffy, I’ll be showing an exclusive clip from that night’s show during my segment on E! News Live at 7 pm. That starts April 29.

ALSO, Buffy fans, if you have questions for Marti Noxon, please send them in AT THE END OF THE CHAT (after 3 pm). The database is cleared out so I won’t be able to get anything sent in before then. I’m talking to Marti this Thursday, so if you have anypressing issues weighing on your mind about the finale, bring ’em on! AND, scoop from a Buffy set visit will be featured in this week’s column, so stay tuned.

OKC asks: Spike heading to Angel? Does this mean Buffy doesn’t end up with Angel OR Spike?

Kristin replies: Looks to be the case, yes. The possibility of Sarah joining the cast of Angel is about, hmm, let’s see .. carry the one and you get: 0. But Joss talked AROUND the final-ep angle, which I will share with you in this week’s column.

spikesgal4388 asks: Whats the story on Spike maybe being on Angel next year(if there is a next year)

Kristin replies: I asked James if he would go to Angel next season, and he said, with a HUGE GRIN: "Yes, I think I am. Definitely, we don’t know — but it is being talked about."

iheartbuffy asks: who won "Save the Show"?

Kristin replies: Voting is still open, and will be up for another week. But Angel has the early lead — by a long shot.

chloe427 asks: Angel is getting pre-tty saucy (Gunn & Electro Girl)....any upcoming dish?

Kristin replies: Scoop on Gina Torres’ character: Although she appears to be a good girl and initially links up with Angel and Co, they soon realize she’s not what she seems. *ahemBigBadahem*

chloe427 asks: Any idea who is playing Jasmine, Cordy’s spawn on Angel?

Kristin replies: The aforementioned Gina Torres.