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Marti Noxon - "Buffy Season 8" Comic Book - Ifmagazine.com Interview

vendredi 27 juillet 2007, par Webmaster

iF : So onto the BUFFY SEASON EIGHT comic book, if you write and arc,any ideas as to a story that you want to write ?

NOXON : I would love to write for it. I love what Joss [Whedon] has done with it in the first few “episodes”. I think it’s just a matter of time because I have two small kids and I work full time ; so usually my extracurricular time is not spent doing extracurricular stuff.

iF : Would you bring back Tara if you got the chance in comics ?

NOXON : Yes. Absolutely. I loved her character. I loved Willow and Tara and because that was such a painful end it would be great to revive her some way in the comic series ; and I’m sure people know that we wanted to do that in season seven but it just didn’t work out in terms of timing and schedules. I would bring back Oz too ! Big time !

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