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Miracles in Australia

Thursday 11 September 2003, by Webmaster

Rob Kral (composer) says: (Wed Sep 10 06:23:49 2003)

ducky: yes the screening was awesome. It was great to see everyone again, and it was really great for those who worked on the unaired episodes to see their work.

hey, I just noticed the ads above, Angel DVD season two is out!! Gotta head off to Tower Records to grab a copy !!!!

2003 no that isn’t a shameless plug

^ Rob Kral (composer) says: (Wed Sep 10 05:28:54 2003)

Yikes I dunno if that code is still working...its been a while.




I just discovered today that MIRACLES is AIRING IN AUSTRALIA!!!

This is the new show David Greenwalt produced and show-ran, and I did the music. This show is AWESOME: its the best thing I’d seen on TV and I felt totally privelaged to work on it.

It is airing on Channel 7 in Sydney and Brisbane, Monday nights at 10:30 pm I believe (check TV guide). I believe they have already aired 2 episodes. The third episode is quite scary, goosebump moments abound. everyone I know who saw it literally got CHILLS several times, which is typical MIRACLES quality.

I also believe that in Australia they will be airing the entire season, which is better than ABC did here in the States!

Its an AMAZING show and Buffy / Angel fans should absolutely love it.

Although it was cancelled here in the USA, it was critcially aclaimed, most critics saying it was "better than the X FILES".