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From DavidFury.net & Buffistas.org


No Angel On UPN - First Confirmation

By Allyson

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Webmaster

Allyson at DavidFury.net and Buffistas.org has confirmed that UPN has decided to pass on the offer to air Angel on their network. It’s been an incredibly ride, but it seems as if this chapter in the Jossverse has truly closed.

Let`s hope TNT/Scifi or Fox will finally pick up Angel.

2 Forum messages

  • > No Angel On UPN - First Confirmation

    5 March 2004 01:00, by Shaun Clark
    Its a shame that upn is not picking angel up for a sixth season this year it has been the best season ever!! spike Joined the cast as a ghost,harmony is working for angel,the gang are running wolfram & hart! i watched angel every tuesday 9pm on sky one! i do hope that another network will pick it up? if it ends i hope Sarah Michelle Gellar will be in the last ever episode and angel & buffy can live forever?
  • > No Angel On UPN - First Confirmation

    10 March 2004 22:35, by Anonymous
    am i the only one who thinks that these last few episodes are no way near enough to round up a storyline that started in Buffy The Vampire Slayer years ago, there is no way in hell that a satisfactory ending can be made on such short notice. for a truly brilliant ending i think they would have to have a whole season rounding off storylines and to have a massively spectacular apocolypse so angel can find redemption. n e one else agree?