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Official Angel Magazine #14 UK July 2004 - Exclusive Press Release

Wednesday 4 August 2004, by Webmaster

Angel Issue # 14

Angel may sadly have drawn to a close, but this monthís Angel Magazine, on sale from August 5, is packed full of all the latest news and interviews to satisfy your Angel appetites. Here is mere taster of some of the good things to come in our Buffy Magazine crossover specialÖ

Eliza Dushku Interview

We have the second part to our exclusive Eliza Dushku interview, in which she talks about her Angel experiences and her new series Tru Calling. (Check out Buffy Magazine issue #63 for the first part!)

Not Fade Away

Our special Mutant Enemy insider brings us a brilliantly detailed feature on the filming of the final ever Angel episode; you wonít want to miss a moment of this highly emotional 15-hour shoot!

Will Spike Return?

The latest word from LA with welcomed details on the possibility of an Angel tele-movie.

Angel Season Four Guide (Part Two)

With the fourth season finally being aired on UK terrestrial TV, we provide the second part of our an in-depth and indispensable companion to the events of Team Angel.

Angel Eye is Watching You

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you locked all your favourite Angel characters into the Big Brother house? Well wonder no more, because this month Angel Magazine brings you Angel Eye!


Posters, competitions, your last opportunity to vote for your all time favourite Angel episode! And loads, loads more!

Angel Magazine Issue # 14 on sale 5 August!

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Buffy#63 on sale NOW!

In Issue #63 of Buffy Magazine we reveal the latest news on the Buffy: Animated series, with updates on whoís in and whoís not, plus, Buffy: Animatedís executive producer Jeph Loeb, discusses the possibility of the new series! Thereís also some great new interviews, fabulous features and loads more!

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