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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

SDCC Buffy The Vampire Slayer - New Spike Figures

Wednesday 4 August 2004, by Webmaster

Like previous figures in Diamond Select’s Buffy line, a number of these figures on show will be exclusives. We’re unable at this time to reveal details on the exclusives, but we can tell you that the black jeans and black T-shirt figure will be the regular figure.

Nomad Note:Ok..we lied. Here’s the info on who’s got what.

Punk Spike: A Toyfare Exclusive
Blue Shirt Spike: A Time and Space Toys Exclusive
Shirtless Spike on Cross: A Cinequest Exclusive

The other 2 will be released normally through Previews. Look for the entire Spike line to hit in early 2005.

SDCC Buffy The Vampire Slayer - New Spike Figures - Gallery

IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_01.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_02.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_03.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_04.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_05.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_06.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_07.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_08.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_09.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_10.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_11.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_12.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_13.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_14.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_15.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_16.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_17.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_18.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_19.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_20.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_21.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_22.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_23.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_24.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_25.jpg IMG/jpg/sdcc_spike_figures_26.jpg

6 Forum messages

  • those are amazing.
  • > SDCC Buffy The Vampire Slayer - New Spike Figures

    6 August 2004 08:06, by Anonymous
    Does anyone know why there’s a cat in the display? miss kitty fantastico was black.
  • > SDCC Buffy The Vampire Slayer - New Spike Figures

    6 August 2004 20:39, by Anonymous
    Maybe its because he gambles with kittens
  • > SDCC Buffy The Vampire Slayer - New Spike Figures

    7 August 2004 01:55, by Anonymous
    This is one of the kittens Spike "earned" and Buffy set free from the basket in Life Serial.
  • > SDCC Buffy The Vampire Slayer - New Spike Figures

    9 August 2004 21:09, by Anonymous
    i think there’s a lot of spike figures...they should don’t do more spike’s and make other different characters..but the "beneath you" spike is Amazing!
  • They’re releasing one or two characters at a time, with several variants of each. The last release was just Willow, and there were ELEVEN of her, counting one that’s coming soon: Regular Willow, Transformation Willow, Doppelgangland Willow, Vampire Willow, Bloody Vampire Willow, Dark Witch Willow, Transformation Dark Witch Willow, White Witch Willow, Jointed White Witch Willow, World Tour Willow, "Hush" Willow. And that’s not counting the two Willows that were released a couple years ago, or the 9" or upcoming 12" Willows. So in comparison, five new Spikes isn’t really a lot. That’s the same number of Anyas that are coming out around the same time.