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Oh Serenity ! A Firefly ARG ?

By Brooke Thompson

Sunday 5 June 2005, by Webmaster

Casual surfing this evening led me to a rather interesting website... BlueSun.org. On the surface, the site is unremarkable with just a simple image and a title of Coming Soon. So, why am I intrigued? What led me there?

Serenity, the feature-length adaptation of Joss Whedon’s prematurely cancelled TV show "Firefly" is going to hit the big screens this fall. Set some years in the future, the space western has often been on the lips of avid ARG players as an ideal property to utilize a promotional Alternate Reality Game. Not only are there great characters and settings to take advantage of, but there’s a very engaging mystery behind one of the main characters.

This evening, such rumors led me to looking for more information. Specifically, I was looking at Blue Sun, a company that may or may not have something to do with the aforementioned mystery. What I found was BlueSun.org. Curiously, it was registered under Domains By Proxy, a favorite service of ARG developers as it allows a sort of anonymous web site registration. Also curious, searching for the site specifically via Google does not return any results.

Could it be? Dare we hope? ... a Firefly ARG?

It’s obviously far too soon to tell. If one does appear, will it be officially tied to the property or will it be another fan effort along the lines of the incredibly popular Metacortechs written by fans of the Matrix trilogy? One thing is certain,we’ll be keeping our eyes on this.

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  • > Oh Serenity ! A Firefly ARG ?

    5 June 2005 11:38, by Anonymous
    alternate reality game, players interact with charecters and solve puzzles useing the internet, snail mail, faxes, telephone, and other means of communication. It’s all designed and controled by the "puppet masters". unfiction.com has more information. This just made my day!