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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Scott Allie (dark horse editor) confirms Buffy Comics for 2006 - Darkhorse.com Interview

Saturday 3 December 2005, by Webmaster

After a while our waiting, Dark Horse will return in 2007 with a Buffy Miniseres by Joss Whedon. How was the idea of reunion born?

I can’t remember exactly, but hopefully it will be before 2007. Joss and I were talking about other things, and then we came up with the idea of relaunching an "official" sequel to the final season of the TV series. He’d guide another writer’s hand and supervise. But then he called one day to tell me he wanted to write it himself, and that he’d already done half the first issue.

Is it just a rumor or can we be sure that our favorite Slayer will return in your comic books?

It will happen.

It’s more than 365 days till 2007, is there a chance to see Buffy based characters before?

Yeah, I think we’ll get it out sometime in 2006.

You published the 3part Serenity Series too. Do you think about monthly Serenity/Firefly Comics?

Not monthly, but we will do more, with the same creative team. Joss and Brett are talking about a new story now.

Every Serenity Issue has 3 Variant covers, will we see all in the Tradepaperback?


Often we can find some specials like short stories or interviews in the TPDs. Is there anything planned for Serenity?

No, the Serenity collection will only have those three issues.

We saw Serenity on TV, Cinema and in Comics. TV worked more with the characters and the Movie has a lot of action. Where is the comic?

It’s very heavy on characterization and what happens between the main characters, but there’s a fair amount of action. Maybe less than the movie, but close.

Finally i allways imagined about a fight between a slayer, the strongest girl on earth and a predator. Dark Horse has rights for both comics. Do you offer Joss Crossovers?

We don’t want to do crossovers with Buffy. The only crossover we’ve talked about is something Joss would write, and which would get everyone excited. But it probably won’t be Predator.