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"Serenity" Australian Website re-opening

Tuesday 18 July 2006, by Webmaster

So, we own SOz!

You, me and every member on here! You’ll notice a few changes over the next few weeks. As we work together to keep this place living and breathing, we need to know what you all would like to see.

So, suggestions and ideas...this is the forum to discuss it in.

As the weeks go by, some changes will be implemented. Some forums will be archived and taken off the main page (like to competition one). Some new forums will open up (like this one).

It’s all up to us now to decide what we’d like to see, and up to you to voice it.

So, start a topic, or a poll. Tell us what you want. Not everything will change, and it will be the general concensus as to what is done.

Also, don’t be impatient, some things may take a little while to implement, and please don’t be offended if other people don’t like your ideas.

This is just an announcment so I’m going to lock it. The changes made so far have been, new forum members must have an image verification, and email verification before they can post. Hopefully that’ll get rid of that pesky spam!

Anyways...the discussion is for the forum, not this thread. It’s also time to celebrate!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

luvs nix