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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Diamond Select Toys Interview : Inside Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Tuesday 18 July 2006, by Webmaster

Yea..we were sort of married to the name after the SG1 piece. Jump right in as we talk to Diamond Select’s Chuck Terceira about the state of all things Buffy...

Action-figure: So DST has made all the core characters of the Buffy and Angel universes. Where can you go from here?

Chuck Terceira: We’ll I’m not sure we’ve made all of them. There are a couple more out there and we’ve got some ideas...but your right. The line the fans are calling MAC style has about played itself out but you never know. The response, however, to the dlx line has been overwhelming so we’re sure to spend more time working on those in the coming months.

A-F: Any word on Monsters?

CT: There are monsters in Buffy and Angel?

A-F: naa..it’s a kids show

CT: IF you mean hard core monsters - that’s going to be tough. Those one timers are a tough sell. Something like the Master or Judge might make some sense down the line.

A-F: I have to address the question of scale. Could you make large monster pieces to act as a sort of diorama if you wanted?

CT: The Mac style line is 6" scale—so it’s a bit smaller and something like Judge would be an easy scale fit.

A-F: I was thinking something like the giant snake monster/mayor.

CT: Nothing like that on the drawing board right now. That might better fit in the statue line.

A-F: Any love for the Uber Vamp?

CT: He’s been mentioned around here more then once so we’ll see. We did the bust and we’re very happy with the job Gabriel did, and of course Camden is a good friend of ours so that would be fun.

A-F: It would make one hell of a deluxe figure and geeks love army builders!

CT: We’ve seen very little success with figures that are considered army builders, but that might change with the Jaffa for Stargate.

A-F: So can you lay out what we can look forward to seeing at SDCC for Buffy?

CT: For Buffy we’ll be selling the Dlx Series 2 for the first time as well as showing some cool props as well.

So to tide you over until we get out to San Diego Comic Con, here’s a sneak peek! Check out the Lovers Walk Willow Bust as well as two figures from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Deluxe figures series 3 which will feature Kendra and Willow!

Be sure to visit Diamond Select Toys at booth 2607 at San Diego Comic Con. If you can’t make it, not to worry. Keep it right here for a small mountain of images and info from the show floor.