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"Serenity" Role Playing Game (RPG) might help the Withdrawals

Wednesday 28 June 2006, by Webmaster

It’s been months since the release of Joss Whedon’s “Serenity.”

“Firefly’s” one season run wasn’t nearly enough.

What’s a fan with some serious withdrawals for some Mal Reynolds action to do? Turn to the new Serenity: Leaf On The Wind RPG online, of course.

The game’s a text-based RPG, which won’t appeal to some, but for die-hard fans the idea of actually playing a good old fashion RPG based in the Firefly universe will no doubt appeal. There’s something to be said for text-based and the ability to use one’s own imagination.

The game appears to be free and requires players sign up with a 24- to 48-hour response time. Players can take on the role in the Alliance or they can choose to play a Browncoat lover. Professions include “security,” “engineer,” and “pilot,” among others.

Leaf On The Wind operates with sims going in multiple areas of the Firefly Universe at one time. Check it out by clicking here. I’ve signed up, but am awaiting approval to check it out.

The show’s available on iTunes for those who haven’t checked it out. It’s run was short, but awesome.