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Serenity cast moves to Universal lot Monday

By Nathan Fillion

Sunday 20 June 2004, by Webmaster

Jun-19 4:15 pm

We have completed the first two weeks of filming, and with that, all the exterior shots for Serenity. No more will cast and crew have to lug equipment and themselves out to the far reaches of the desert to battle the sun, dust, smoke, or the tiny little noseeums that seem impervious to bugspray and all too eager to feast upon our flesh. Happily, we all must report to work on Monday to the stages of Universal City, where we shall face new challenges like finding our own lunches and saying something clever to passing tour trams.

Perhaps due to those minor hardships, and the amount of adventures that are crammed into one day, it seems forever ago that we started rehearsals. Yet there is a long way to go. It is a far cry from filming the series, evident in watching the previous day’s work in the extreme luxury of the daily trailer. The huge screen at the end of this monstrosity entertains us with images of my favorite cast being BDH’s. It is going to be a real charge the first time we get to see River going "koo koo" when her face is 17’ high.

My heart now looks forward to the first time I see Serenity again. My only contact with her since I watched them pulling apart her last remnants at the Fox lot has been the cargo bay doors, with us on location. It will warm my cockles to see her reborn, courtesy of the creative minds of Universal. This will not be an exact duplicate, folks. Learn to love it. Be comfortable with the idea of getting to know her all over again, and falling in love all over again. For she is our home now.

Let’s go home.

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