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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Darla Talks ’Saving Angel’

By Alan Stanley Blair

Monday 21 June 2004, by Webmaster

For more than 400 years, she has been one of the worst demons to roam the Earth. Killing innocents and torturing those who least deserved it, the illustrious Darla (played by Julie Benz) has played a pivotal role in the Buffyverse mythology.

Speaking to fans recently at Starfury: Prometheus, a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" convention held in Glasgow, Scotland, Benz thanked all the fans for their efforts in the Saving Angel Campaign.

"Whether it was bitching to your friends about how great the show is, writing e-mails or posting letters, your efforts were appreciated by the whole cast and crew" said Benz, along side "Buffy" big bad Clare Kramer (Glory). "The passion you all have for the show is unbelievable."

While Benz had no information regarding the rumors surrounding the possible return of a telemovie for "Angel," which was cancelled earlier this year by The WB, she did say that she would love to return to the screen to play Darla once again.

"If I ever run for office, I would want the Saving Angel guys to run my campaign".

When "Angel" was cancelled by The WB after its fifth season, Team Angel joined forces with evil law firm, Wolfram and Hart. The fifth season also saw a stabilization in the overnight ratings.

Fan efforts to save the show are continuing at www.savingangel.com.

4 Forum messages

  • > Darla Talks ’Saving Angel’

    21 June 2004 23:37, by James
    Go Julie Benz! I love her!
  • > Darla Talks ’Saving Angel’

    22 June 2004 02:43, by WiZaRd

    She gets my vote :oD

    Pity I’m from england v.v

  • > Darla Talks ’Saving Angel’

    22 June 2004 06:08, by Anonymous
    JULIE BENZ FOR PREZ! that sounded more cleaver in my head. ^-^ Well good thing they pointed out that fan efforts are still continueing.
  • > Darla Talks ’Saving Angel’

    22 June 2004 06:23, by Wolverine68

    "If I ever run for office, I would want the Saving Angel guys to run my campaign".

    And which saving Angel guys would that be? There’s like a million different groups . . . or does she want them all? LOL

    (By the way, Julie Benze would whoop George Bushy’s buttox!)