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"Serenity" more clever than "Star Trek" or "Star Wars"

Todd Camp

Wednesday 21 December 2005, by Webmaster

When TV wunderkind Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) tried his hand at the sci-fi genre in 2002 with Firefly, it seemed that few took notice. The show disappeared after three months, but the seed had been planted. Like Buffy and Angel, Firefly had its share of followers, and when the entire series was released on DVD and got above-average sales, Whedon brought his whole cast to the big screen with the big-budget, effects-filled film Serenity.

It didn’t do well in theaters, even though Whedon delivered one of the most clever, action-packed science fiction films in years.

Easily more entertaining and imaginative than the last six Star Trek movies or the first two entries of the new Star Wars trilogy, this Westernized space opera about the seedy crew of a salvage vessel follows Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion, who’s as good as young Harrison Ford).

Reynolds and his motley crew have their hands full trying to keep an exceptional young passenger out of the grips of the menacing Alliance.

Certain to satiate fans who felt cheated by the TV show’s early demise, it’s entertaining even if you never saw a single episode of the show.

But watch them both, then mourn what might have been.

EXTRA, EXTRA: Whedon introduces the film and offers commentary throughout with a few making-of features, deleted scenes and outtakes.




PG-13, $29.98