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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Slayercon Australia 2005 postponed ?

Monday 6 June 2005, by Webmaster

Ticket holder mail

The event has been ’postponed’ and the organiser has run off with thousands and thousands of dollors of fans money. He hasnt been heard from in a month, even by people who were closely associated with the organisation of the convention, and ticketholders havent been contacted. The only way to know its been ’postponed’ is to go to the actual website.

Vendors who were booked for the convention have been contacted and they were told it was cancelled, not postponed so we can only assume that the ’postponement’ was a ruse to get people to give him a bit longer before they started kicking up a stink. I’m a ticketholder, and I’m in contact with many others. We have filed a letter of demand and are in the process of getting all ticketholders to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading. The next step is making a police report regarding Fraud charges.

Scooby Gang Promotions

This is the message posted on SGP’s site about the Convention.

SGP regrets to inform you that SLAYERCON ’05 has been postponed.

A new dated is being arranged. This will hopefully be sometime in October.

As soon as this new date has been fixed you will have two options.

1) Attend as normal, carrying any tickets over to the new dates.

2) Obtain a refund for tickets and pre-paid autos / photos.

Refunds will be done in stages as follows.

A) All pre-paid Autographs and Photographs

B) All Buffet Dinner and Cocktail Party tickets

C) All general admission tickets.

Refunds will not be available until the new date is announced.

All ticket holders as of April 30th will be given 2 Photos with the guests of their choice as compensation for any inconvenience. If you have aleady pre-paid for Photos and do not want any extras, SGP will refund the cost of 2 Photos. ($90)

Regards SGP

Second money fraud

This is now the second convention during the last few months where the organiser has run off with the money, the first one was the Hush Convention. It is now rumoured that the organiser of the Slayer Con has been spotted getting on a plane to USA after the announcement of the "postponing".