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TV Gal Is Underwhelmed

By Amy Amatangelo

Tuesday 9 September 2003, by Webmaster

Okay, let’s start with the best new show of the week. Christopher Gorham (Harrison on "Popular") stars as an ordinary man who suddenly finds himself with extraordinary powers in "Jake 2.0" (UPN, 9 p.m. ET Wednesday). Gawky Gorham is an unlikely, reluctant and surprisingly charming superhero. In addition to the nifty action sequences and a compelling sci-fi undertone, the series also succeeds with its more personal story lines. Jake pines for his college friend Sarah Heywood (Marina Black). And just like that other shy hero, Clark Kent, when Jake saves the day he can’t tell his girl all about it. It’s not surprising that "Jake 2.0" is instantly engaging.

David Greenwalt (an executive producer on both "Buffy" and "Angel") is the guy behind this show, and he’s writing and directing episodes. The really bad news is that "Jake 2.0" (three and a half VCRs) will air opposite "Angel" and "The West Wing." I usually try to adhere to a strict two-series-per-timeslot rule (because, as I believe I’ve mentioned, there’s only so much TV even a TV Gal can watch), but if "Jake 2.0" lives up to the promise of its pilot, I might have to make an exception.