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Watch With Kristin - September 9, 2003

Tuesday 9 September 2003, by Webmaster

From Lily: James Marsters is doing a nude scene for something. At Dragon*Con, in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, he mentioned it. He was talking about trying to quit smoking. He stated that he had been doing fairly well until the week before when he felt that he had to smoke to calm down enough to do a nude scene. That got the crowd very excited. Yes, dearie, I have heard the same "rumors" (as I mentioned in this week’s column) and can tell you they are true. To which I can only say, "Oh, mama. Me likey."

From monogirl: Anything else on Angel? Thanks for the feature this week, you’re the best. You’re welcome, lovey. It’s shaping up to be a very promising season, from what I’ve seen. They’re really getting back to what made Angel and Buffy so addictive back in the day: more wit, better monsters/villains and a more simplified good vs. bad theme. Fred, Gunn and Wesley will be back to more of supporting characters this season, and Spike is giving the atmosphere a nice electric jolt. I think you guys are really going to dig the new dynamic.

From seba_88: That thing about Spike’s love interest, can it be, oh, I don’t know, Fred? Hmmm...Well that certainly would be interesting, now would it? I have heard that subtle feelings will develop on one end.

From beebee: What kind of "better" monsters/villains? Much talk of the Reaper this season and also a creepy, creeepy chick I like to call Shardlotte. She has something of a glass eye, that’s really more of a weapon. And the actress playing her is named Willow, which is a source of confusion over on set.

From subme: Is Angel ever going to get some lovin? Yep, in episode five, he’s going to be "macking on" a lucky little lady by the name of Eve, who is more or less Lilah’s replacement as the liaison. Mmm hmm. Dangerous liaisons, indeed.

From vzla: If you had to pick three new shows that we should definitely be watching and that are not on at the same time as our favorites, Friends, Angel and Alias, which would they be? Miss Match. Tru Calling. Whoops! Sorry, that’s up against Friends. Jake 2.0 Whoops! That’s up against Angel. Las Vegas and Skin (which are up against each other...take your pick) and possibly Karen Sisco.