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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

TV Gal Ranks TV Deaths (joyce & jenny mention)

Tuesday 25 November 2003, by Webmaster

TV Gal Ranks TV Deaths

No, really, please don’t feel bad. You are not a cold, heartless person. It’s totally okay that you laughed when Dr. Romano went to that great waiting room in the sky on "ER." Seriously, some characters get no respect, no respect at all. Was it really necessary to have Dr. Romano flattened by a helicopter?

Many of you have written me that the moment evoked giggles, not horror. Romano’s death was utterly cartoonish. Was that the intention? If so, why? Sure, Romano isn’t the most beloved character ever to permanently check out of the "ER," but this was such a ridiculous way to get rid of him. Plus, I’m not pleased that nothing ever happened between Romano and Elizabeth. (And is our fair Dr. Corday at all concerned that the men who love her seem to meet an untimely demise.)

Romano’s death is definitely one of the worst we’ve seen on TV lately, but now dearly beloved, let’s take a look at some other memorable television deaths:

Best Television Death: Bobby’s heartbreaking demise on "NYPD Blue" was a beautifully told story of the journey towards death. Remember how the screen faded to white? That was TV at its best.

Most Honest Portrayal of Death: Joyce Summers on "Buffy." From Buffy’s numb and disconnected reaction to her friends’ utter helplessness, this is the episode that got everything right.

Most Gruesome and Unnecessary Death: After Romano, I’ve got to go with poor Alex being sliced in half on "Third Watch."

Most Shocking Death: Teri Bauer on "24." Don’t they know the rules? People in the opening credits aren’t supposed to die. It was a brave and risky move that proved no one is safe in Jack’s world and there’s no such thing as job security on the popular FOX series.

TV Death That Took Guts: "Everwood" demonstrated rare television bravado by killing off Colin. This is not your typical teen drama.

Worst Television Death: Billy on "Ally McBeal." He dyed his hair, then he died and then, most unfortunately, he came back as a ghost. It was the end of the end for that show.

Most Premature Death: I still feel cheated by Danny’s death on "NYPD Blue." His abrupt departure robbed viewers of any sort of closure. Oh, you know I’m still bitter.

Most Anticlimactic Death: Nate’s wife Lisa turning up dead on "Six Feet Under." I never understood the point of having Nate in such an oppressive marriage, and was there ever any doubt she was dead?

Best Death for Plot Development Purposes: Jenny Calendar on "Buffy." The consequences of Angel’s deplorable and unforgivable actions ricocheted throughout season two and beyond.

Best "Sopranos" Death: With all the people getting whacked on this show, they deserve their own category. Most people would probably pick Tony beating Ralphie to death and then sticking his head in a bowling ball bag, but for me it’s still the shock of seeing Janice kill Richie. Where Have I Seen Them Before?

TV Gal reader Diane recognized that Andy Umberger, D’Hoffryn on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," is playing Tony’s doctor on "24."

TV Gal reader Mat recognized Daniel Dae Kim, Gavin on "Angel" and Agent Baker on "24" last season, as the new social worker on "ER." What happened to Coco?

Leonard Roberts was Forrest, one of the Initiative soldiers, during the fourth season of "Buffy." He was seen last week as one of the guys throwing the bachelor party on "Tru Calling."