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The Angel Scrolls - Volume 2, No. 10

Sunday 19 October 2003


It’s certainly good to be back, isn’t it ? A new season of Angel is on the air ! While you were counting the days until Season 5 started, all of us at the official Angel Fan Club headquarters were busy doing...well, the exact same thing. We did manage to gather some highlights from the convention circuit this summer, however. So, in honor of Spike’s long-awaited L.A. resurrection, we’ve got some James Marsters quotes overheard this summer. Welcome back, get ready for another great season and, as always, we’ll see you next month. Enjoy !

Mike Stokes Editor, The Angel Fan Club Newsletter


WHEN VAMPIRES COLLIDE In the latest Buffy/Angel crossover novel, Cursed, the Slayer is headed to Los Angeles where her two vampire beaus bridge her past and present. It hits shelves in November.

YEP. IT’S DAVID BOREANAZ Did you tune in or set your VCR to record David Boreanaz on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 14th.


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If you can answer these questions correctly, you must have a microchip in your head !

Q : What demon-dating web site does Cordelia suggest someone should start ? Q : What did Gunn get in return for selling his soul to Jenoff ? Q : What radio station is Oz listening to en route to give Angel the Gem of Amarrah ?


Wesley : Vampires don’t come back from the dead. Angel : I did and I saw her. I’m not crazy. Wesley : Where ? Angel : Right between the clowns and the big talking hot dog.


James Marsters got candid for convention crowds this summer in discussing his move to Angel.

Already a perennial favorite on the summer convention circuit, James Marsters was the man everyone wanted to talk to as news of Spike’s postmortem move to Angel surfaced. If interest in summer Buffy conventions is any indication, the show will definitely go on in spirit. For those of you who didn’t make it to a convention this past summer, here are a few James Marsters’ soundbites you missed regarding his British vampire’s move to Los Angeles :

Spike the Soul man : Spike without a soul was simpler, more fun. I’ll admit it. But also less of a challenge than when you really try to make a human being out of someone who really wasn’t a human being, who wasn’t constricted by morality and all that-and then try to add that and not be cheesy about it. What would happen if you woke up and had to admit you’d been a mass murderer for 120 years ? That’s something beyond our human [comprehension]. Dealing with it artistically was really a challenge, and I’m proud of it.

Welcome to Los Angeles : There are a lot of good writers over there [on Angel] for Spike. We’ll see how it plays out. It’s arguable that the writers over on Angel now might be better suited to the character of Spike than the writers on Buffy, which is not to say the writers on Buffy were bad. They were fabulous...[but on Angel], there’s a whole host of writers who have a real good instinct for manly violence. I’m very excited about it. I really hope that Spike and Angel don’t get along at all. Joss set that up really clearly in the last episode.

The Human Condition : Spike might become a human ? How boring is that ? No, let’s not do that. That’s just misinformation.

Stunt Casting : All the actors [on Buffy] were wonderful, we didn’t have any jerks—it was a very lucky experience in that way. But there was something special about the stunt crew. [They were] totally selfless. Their faces never get shown, they have to do things which they’ll pay for all their lives with their bodies, yet there’s a positive energy to them. There’s a lack of whining. If a stunt guy or a stuntwoman gets hurt, he or she just doesn’t admit it. Their work ethic was something that I felt proud to achieve, and they finally kind of accepted me as one of their own. And then they started cutting me in on all of the secrets.

Spike’s Choice : Buffy or Drusilla ? Dru. Well, I mean, not now. Dru hasn’t got a soul, so I don’t think Spike would go back to that, but there’s a part of Spike that I cannot get to without Juliet Landau. Juliet and I have a lot of the same work ethic. We both come from the theater, we both like to totally release in a role, we’re not afraid of looking stupid and there’s a certain kind of joyful nastiness that I think Spike gets only when he’s with Dru.

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Wesley : The three of us are the only things standing between you and real darkness. Gunn : You best believe that, man. Angel : I do...you’re all fired.

"Reunion" (episode 2.10) ; written by Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan


Q : What demon-dating web site does Cordelia suggest someone should start ? A : Archfiend.org ("Where the lonely and the slimy connect.") ; The Ring (episode 1.16).

Q : What did Gunn get in return for selling his soul to Jenoff ? A : A truck. "Double or Nothing" (episode 3.18).

Q : What radio is Oz listening to en route to give Angel the Gem of Amarrah ? A : KLA, Los Angeles’ only modern alternative rock station ; "In the Dark" (episode 1.3).


"Dear Boy" (episode 2.5) ; written by David Greenwalt


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Mike Stokes Editor, The Angel Scrolls