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TheDuke Personal Tour Of Serenity Set Whit Adam Baldwin

By TheDuke333

Monday 14 June 2004, by Webmaster

Ok I convinced my wife that she and the kids can go to dinner without me tonight. I want to start off by stating two things. First, I understand if you dont believe what im about to share with you. Secondly, Adam I really appreciate how you went out of your way to make this an experience I will never forget. That was cool dude. I have pictures I need someone to help me with. They are .JPG and I’m not sure how i can get them to you guys. OK, on with the experience. I left my house around noon on friday the 11th (picture #1), It was just down the street from my house, and didnt take long to get there. When I turned up the dirt road to arrive on the set, the most unbelievable sight came around the corner...THE SET!!! Picture #2 (I have a long distance shot of this and dont think it is spoilerish, dont think I should post..suggestions???) When i arrived a security guard asked me my business and i mentioned im in the BDM and my call time is 1:30pm. He said well it is only 12:15pm your a little early and if I wanted I could just go on in and just wait?....heheheh. So I parked and walked up to the set. (picture #3) (the white tent is where the banner was on the other location) At this point I didnt know what to do, so i drifted towards the white tent. There was a big bucket of ice cold water so I grabbed one and tried to look like i belonged. As it turns out, lunch was being served and all these guys with earpiece walkie-talkie things were going in for lunch. So what was I supposed to do? thats right i had lunch!!!...LOL. That was cool. I had a great salad and took a seat at a far table by myself and looked at everybody (without looking like I was looking)

I didnt recognise anybody for about 20 minutes. ( about 50 ppl in there) and then it happened!!! My fears of not seeing anybody were happily stripped away....River walked in!!! right there not 20 feet away!! in line to have salad!!! right there... So I stared at here outright as she got her salad and went and sat by herself. I couldnt stand for this injustice!!! Now remember i have been a salesman for 15 years and i am quite comfortable approaching people. So I grabbed my salad and walked right over to her table. As she looked up i asked her if I could join her for lunch....and she said yes!!! Now this was wierd...her i am sitting 3 feet from Summer as she is eating her salad!!! We talked for about 15 minutes about the show, her dance lessons, how cool Joss is, and how pumped she is to be working on this show again. Towards the end of lunch i told her I have a picture that was drawn by an artist for the LA Comic-Con that she couldnt attend, and if time permited if she could sign it. She said SURE and were was it. I had it in the car with my disposible camera. She said well my trailer is right over there why dont you go get it and I can sign it for you!!! (I ran my happy rear to the car so quickly!!!) I approached her trailer and knocked, and she let me in and she went and washed her hands from lunch. I showed her the picture and she just loved it. There is a little desk in these trailers and as she was signing it I noticed her pillow on the couch that says "Summer" she noticed me and said she never goes anywhere without it..(Women...why do they do that?) anyway, after she signs it she notices that Nathan hasnt signed it and said she was positive he would. So she says that he is watching dailys and we can go over there and meet him!!! I know...i still cant beleive it either.

I follow her over to this huge trailer (purple one in the picture with white tents) and she dissapears inside to get the Captain. I cant beleive this is happening...Two minutes later River and Captain Malcom Reynolds come outside and approach me!!! He shakes my hand and i mumble something about how I was from the OB and how I contacted Background Players and jabber,jabber,jabber...I dont think it even came out right. So I hand him my picture (Picture #4) and he signs it and says he needs to get back to those dailies...I utter something and he goes back in. Wow that was cool. I got in this hazzy kind of incoherent state...really wierd... So I follow River away and we hear someone calling her, we turn and it’s JOSS!!!! This simply isnt happening....He asks her about her last scene and when there finished she introduces me to him!!! I shake his hand and mumble stuff about how I came to be there again ( man I got star struck ) I pulled out the picture and he notices it from the convention and says " hey i got one of those too" I had him sign it at the comvention but i ask him "would a picture be inappropriate?" and he said sarcastically " oh entirely" he reached for the picture and i stood next to him (picture #5) He said he was happy i was there and he loves his fans. Or something really close I was numb!!!

He said have fun and went off with an assisstant guy. So now I can barely walk, in 10 minutes I met Summer,Cappy, and the Creator!!!! I float back to the white tent and stand there reliving what just happened. I look up and accross the parking lot towards the trailers I see a tall strong looking guy. I think it could’nt be...it was....ADAM. I figured what the hell...I walked across the parking lot and approached him. As I got close and he started looking at me he saluted me and said "how goes?" I apologized for just approaching him, but i’m a big fan and started telling him about how i got there and the OB. When i mentioned the OB his eyes got allitle bigger and he had a big smile break out accross his face. I had the drawing with me and asked if he could sign it. He said why sure, and as I held one end and he the other he signed it. Ready for this??? Gina came around the corner with her finished lunch tray!!!! Adam turned to see who i was looking at and he called her over to intorduce me!!!! YOU RULE DUDE!!!!!! She was really wonderful and she signed it as well. Then i really pushed my luck....I asked Adam....any chance i could have a picture??? he turned to Gina and said "i’m game if you are" she said sure and we asked a passerby if he could take our picture (picture #6) I can honestly tell you i have never felt like that before!!! They both wish me good luck and had to go get ready...then it hit me that i needed to be somewhere at 1:30pm as well!! so I run off to wardrobe with picture and camera in pocket. The coordinator for extras took me from Wardrobe to a trailer to get changed in (Adam told me that only Joss,Summer,Nathan,and Gina were on set that day) so guess whose trailer i changed in????...Shepard Books!!!! (picture #7) How incredible..I change into my very cool ALLAINCE RESCUE WORKER costume...and head back to the tent.

The coordinator lady said she would put my picture in the Production Trailer for safe keeping for me (I was still worried)and to put my clothes in the tent somewhere. I was introdcued to three other rescue Workers and we were told to wait in the tent. We were there for about three hours. it didnt feel that long because i was still numb..lol. As me and the other extras were sitting there...Adam walks back in!!! he grabs a chair and sits down next to me and says " Bob, I have something to show you" he pulls out a digital camera and shows me probably 50 pictures from last weeks shooting!!! he decribes what Nathans doing there, why Gina was laughing in this one, what Wash was doing....it was unbelievable. At the end of the pictures, as i realize he is one foot from me i say " Adam, I cant believe how lucky i am " he bangs my knee and says dont worry about it and just have fun. What a cool guy... So this is where he asks me if i have seen the set yet!!!! I say no and he says "well come on let me give you a tour".. No way...as we are leaving the tent he whispers to me...got the camera? hehehe...I sure did.

The tent is about 100 yards from the actual set. As we are getting close to the set the coordinator lady says "Bob, did they call you on set?" we were almost by her...Adam threw his arm over my shoulder and says to her "dont worry hes a friend of mine and he’ll bring me right back"....Adam..you rule!!!! she gives us a pissy look and we keep walking. The set is incredible. remember we are not in studio and this is out on location. I wont spoil it, but WOW...you will love this....as we are walking up the set Adam notices they are still filming up ahead, she he says to follow him and we duck between some stuff and continue around from the outside. We get to this really cool set thing and he whispers..."wheres that camera?" I hand it to him and he takes this really cool shot of me in costume in front of this bitchen set piece.(pretty spoilerish I should save that one) we work our way back around and as we are in a different part of the set he waves over another costumed extra and has him take another picture of us. Adam is so hooking me up!!!!! we go back to the tent. We stand in front of the tent for about 30 minutes talking about everything (no politics) and he says that he thinks my scene is coming up and he will check in on me later (SCORE)

So I go and sit back down again and I am so high on live i cant believe it!!!!

Not 10 mintues later we get called to the set and i think I need to go to the bathroom...dammit!!!! I was fine the whole time and now we are walking to the set and i have to pee...man. i was able to hold it and we walked up to the set where we will be filmed. there he is...JOSS WHEDON....he is sitting in front of some monitors asking for things to be moved around. All I can say about my scene is...I wont be cut out. it is a very important part of what is happening. it needs to be in there. The first thing we do is a rehersal. i am standing next to Joss and he turns to me and says " can you see without those glasses? i said something like HELL YEAH!!!! and he says " good, because no one in the Allaince wears glasses" and smiles at me. How cool...I will be in the BDM!!!!!! nice... OK i’ll tell you, I am the rescue worker who is on one end carrying a hospital gurney. I am towards the end with the persons head. It took about seven takes and then we were finshed. I cannot begin to explain how bitchen it was to hear him say "Action" Just amazing....

Everybody started walking back to the tent area and i did the same. i got my clothes, changed in Books trailer (cool) and turned in my costume. I went back over to the tent after i changed and just sat down ( those boots were killing me) and guess who....Adam walked back in. He walked up to me and handed me something. it was his Daily call schedule and he signed it "To Bob Duke333, Thanks for flyin with us! Serenity always....and signed it" I have a picture of it i will send but the flash kinda washed it out. And then he hands me a 3x4 thin metal chinese poker card. it was from an episode where they were playing Chinese poker!!! ( I will also send that picture along as well, but the flash kinda messed it up also) He shakes my hand and says take care....Adam thank you again...you made my day, and i could never repay you. You took me in as a fellow browncoat and I will root for you always...Offer for dinner still stands...just email me and its lobster on me...:)

I have the coordinator lady fill out my paperwork (there gonna pay me...LOL) and i went and sat down in my car and took a picture of myself to remeber how i was feeling after that day(Picture number something cant keep track) I will send all non-spoilerish pictures to you guys.

Please ask me any questions you have, it will help me remember more. i will answer everybody. Someone please help me with these pictures. i have them from Walmart on a CD and will send them to someone to post for you guys. I hope you have felt like you were there with me. i truly wish you all were. Adam, thanks again it meant so much to me.

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  • That is so cool, and Adam sounds like an awfully nice guy, as well as being a wonderful actor. Thanks for the recap, and looking forward to seeing the photos!
  • Wow, what an awesome experience that would be I image. I always hear of Adam going out of his way to meet with fans and such, so great of him. And hey, I can host your pictures for you. Just give me a shout at either jpurewal@rogers.com, or examplecube on Aol Instant Messenger.
  • am i aloud to like switch bodies with you for a while or somthing! man, you are amazingly lucky! how about mailing me the spioler-ish pictures as well, i’m totally in withdrawal from lack or firefly!
  • Oh wow! I am so envious that you got to experience all that. Just a few questions though. I may sound stupid asking, but what is the OB and the BDM? Also, where were they filming? And how did you get that extra role? Your story is amazing, like something out of a film-buff’s fairytale! I would love to see your pictures, even the spoilerish ones. You can email me at emangel01@aol.com, or instant message me. My screen name is emangel01. Congrats on the awesome day!
  • Cool! It’s great when you can like both the characters and the actors.