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From Thewb.com


Throw a WB show theme party

Friday 17 October 2003


Wanna throw a raging Halloween party, but you don’t know where to start ? Why not use your favorite WB show for inspiration ? Here are a ton of ideas to get you started.

Angel Party The Food : Hot wings and red frosted cookies. The Gear : Black balloons, all the makings for do-it-yourself-capes, ghoulish makeup and lethal looking but totally harmless crime-busting accessories such as squirt guns. The Tunes : Duncan Sheik and Marilyn Manson.

Gilmore Girls Party The Food : Coffee, pizza, and PopTarts. The Gear : A phone list of all the cute boys in town. Sleeping bags, pillows, and other girls-only-sleepover essentials. The Tunes : Carole King, John Lennon, and PJ Harvey.

Smallville Party The Food : Green "kryptonian" punch. The Gear : Bob for apples games, football, and a backyard big enough for a game of touch-ball, farm-animal pinata stuffed with candy, plaid paper plates and napkins, bald caps. The Tunes : Remy Zero and "Superman" by R.E.M.