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Universal Licensing LLC closing Serenity / Firefly fan shops

Tuesday 24 October 2006, by Webmaster

And so it begins... heads up, CafePress people

Notices from the Universal legal department have popped up for some CafePress Browncoats, and they’re not all cease and desist orders. CP is aware of this and at the moment, searches at CP for “firefly” or “serenity” bring up 0 results. Odds are good that with the recent growth in licensed versy stuff the legal people are cracking down more, possibly at urging from the license holders. Dunno.

But that means it’s time to check again and make sure you’re not using any official logos, character or ship likenesses, reproductions of movie graphics, or other potential copyright infringements. You shouldn’t be anyway, per CafePress’ own rules, but still.

Also not a good time to yell at them. Won’t do any good, and might make things worse. Remember, Universal has every right to protect their intellectual property and they have a duty, as they see it, to protect the interests of companies that have paid hefty fees to make official products.

Although it would be really interesting, just for fun, to tally up how much each of us has worked, hour by hour, year by year, to promote increased awareness and sales of their intellectual property. Maybe submit a bill for PR and marketing services rendered.

Just sayin’.

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  • Universal Licensing LLC closing Serenity / Firefly fan shops

    25 October 2006 02:20, by DurangoKid

    Keep in mind that Universal did not contract with anyone to promote Serenity or related properties free of charge. They’re under no obligation to anyone for anything if there is no contract or proprietary right involved.

    It’s interesting that people would so identify with Joss’ characters that they would assume in their minds a sort of cultural right to these properties like Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. There is some need in peoples lives that is seriously unmet. If a person needs an adventure or a cause, Google "peak oil". That ought to make any reasonable person into a Browncoat for real.