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Universal promoting SERENITY on TiVo

Thursday 15 September 2005, by Webmaster

As of early this morning, up to 3.3 million TiVo users may find a new menu item - "Meet the Crew of SERENITY" - which will play the full trailer for the film on their TV.

Selecting this menu item (which rotates on and off the bottom of the main menu with other ads, but is also available under the "Showcases & TV Guide" sub-menu) takes users to a dedicated SERENITY menu screen, prominently displaying poster art and the release date, along with a menu item to play the full trailer.

The "headline" on this screen is "The Fight For the Future", and the blurb reads: "They live for risk, they thrive on danger and they fight for the future. Catch a ride with the crew of SERENITY, in theaters September 30th."

Note that I of course can’t guarantee to a metaphysical certainty this has yet been downloaded onto every TiVo - or even that it will, but it seems likely. (If you have a TiVo and don’t immediately see it, check your "Showcases" menu, or otherwise just give it a day or so to pop up.)

Kudos to Universal marketing!

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