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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Way Interesting BUFFY Bits

By Hercules

Saturday 22 March 2003, by Webmaster

The short version: 1) "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" writer and comedy genius Jane Espenson returns to the WB next season to write for worthy slayer archrival "Gilmore Girls." 2) Espenson says Team Whedon was at one time contemplating a "Slayer School" spinoff built around the potentials (with Willow and Kennedy as headmistresses?). Note that in a brief interview with TV Guide this week, "Buffy" mastermind Joss Whedon said: "[The end of ’Buffy’] doesn’t mean the Buffy universe is closed or that there aren’t potential spinoffs, like Willow or whatever."

3) Emma Caulfield was not the first choice to play Anya. The long version: Hey Herc,

Just got back from seeing Jane Espenson speak here at Ball State University. It was mostly a Q&A session, with one very interesting point. When asked about the spinoff, Jane responded that there will be no Faith spinoff due to Eliza taking another pilot. She mentioned a possible "Slayer School" spinoff, using some of the Potentials (who would be recast), but that did not seem that likely as it doesn’t feel right, and would most likely not happen unless Joss changed his feelings about it. No mention of the Willow spinoff, but the feeling was that there will be no spinoff.

Other highlights include :

- Jane will be writing for Gilmore Girls next year.

- Anya was never meant to be a recurring character. She was originally meant for two episodes, but Emma Caulfield was kept on for good acting, basically because she was funny. The original actress for Anya (no name was given) chose not to pursue the role because it was for only two episodes.

- Afterwards, I got to meet her face to face. I thanked her for everything, specifically the show, and then I quickly asked if they had written the next Buffy game, to which she replied "No, the guys that did it came and asked us a few questions, but they wrote it themselves." She probably thought I was talking about the first game, but either way, they didn’t write the second game.

If you use this, call me "Chet".

OH YEAH! THE PARTY! In other slayer news, Ain’t It Cool: Coaxial News’ Big Buh-Bye Buffy Blast on May 20 is moving forward at breakneck pace. Venue and "suggested contributions" are not finalized (and remember, we haven’t officially invited anyone yet), but we’re getting really close. Much will be in place before month’s end. Next weekend like, as Mal Reynolds might put it. (We’ve already finalized the party’s key poster art, collaborated upon by Eric Wight (who had much to do with "Buffy: The Animated Series"), Ain’t It Cool’s own Harryhead mastermind Cartuna, and - Harry Knowles himself!!) The level of interest, frankly, far exceeded our expectations, and we’re sorting out venues massive enough to accommodate as many fans of the slayer as feasible. (We’re all pretty shocked at the number of people willing to fly all the way to L.A. all the way from Seattle, Boston, New York, Buenos Aires and London (which is in Europe) for this.) Our advice? If you’re a big fan, watch the site closely. When we put out the call, whatever venue we wind up with is going to fill up in a big dang hurry.