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Who’s Who in the Vampire World of ’Angel’

By Anthony Breznican

Friday 17 October 2003

Who’s who on the TV series "Angel" :


Actor : David Boreanaz.

Bio : Renowned in folklore as a monster with the face of an angel, this 250-plus-year-old was a drunken lout before becoming a vampire. Gyspies cursed him with a soul, which turned his memories of mayhem into torment. He has vowed to atone for his past wickedness but is always teetering on the edge of relapse into his evil alter-ego. Still has a weak spot in his unbeating heart for Buffy Summers, the vampire-slayer from Sunnydale, Calif. Now he’s the head of a multidimensional evil corporation.

Boreanaz says : "He has a sense of confusion right now and doesn’t understand why he’s been given this opportunity to run a huge evil empire. He wants to mix it up as best he can. He may be pushing a little too hard."


Actor : James Marsters.

Bio : William the Bloody, also known as Spike, was one of Angel’s murderous lieutenants during his evil no-soul days. After numerous failed attempts to kill Buffy, the vampire slayer, they fell in love and he got his own soul restored. Spike appeared to incinerate in an apocalyptic battle in Sunnydale. Now his ghost, connected to a mystical amulet, has turned up at Angel’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

Marsters says : "Frankly I get to NOT be the lovelorn puppy anymore, which is a relief. He got whipped, man, so he’s back a little closer to the Spike that we originally met. He’s just having fun making people’s lives hard."


Actress : Amy Acker.

Bio : Angel and his gang rescued Winifred Burkle from a parallel demon dimension, and now the pretty, timid physicist helps them explore the science side of the supernatural. Despite her shy nature, she has had occasional romantic flings with her various colleagues.

Acker says : "She’s kind of the slut, it feels like. (Laughs) I’ve kissed every guy on the show."


Actor : J. August Richards.

Bio : Charles Gunn was a homeless streetfighter who organized a small army to fight the vampire menace in Los Angeles. Angel befriended him, but Gunn never fully trusts any vampire - they killed his sister. He recently underwent a magical procedure that made him hyper-intelligent - but with unseen side effects.

Richards says : "He didn’t listen to anybody, he was hotheaded, but now he’s learning to be one of a team."


Actor : Alexis Denisof.

Bio : A failed "watcher," one who is trained in occult lore and sent to oversee vampire slayers, Wesley became a rogue demon-hunter with a penchant for bad luck and pratfalls. Primarily a bookworm, numerous brushes with death have made him more streetwise in his battles with monsters.

Denisof says : "He’s the sort of moral compass. In the early days, he thought he was tougher than he really was. Now he actually IS tougher."


Actor : Andy Hallett.

Bio : This green-skinned, two horned demon is a seer who can read a person’s aura when they sing, which can reveal their futures, memories, problems and cures. He left his demon-universe because it was too violent, heartless - and lacked show tunes.

Hallett says : "He’s a little bit of Dean Martin, in terms of the hosting ability and schmoozing with the characters, with this lounge-lizardy feeling, of course."