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Why isn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar coming back - Kristin Chat

Tuesday 30 March 2004, by Webmaster

From milesfrom730: Why isn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar coming back?

Make sure you read the TV Guide Online article if you haven’t. (Registration required, sorry.) Joss weighs in there. I’m told by a source, however, that it was somewhat of a "pissing match" between Whedon and Gellar. She apparently wanted the big guns, the finale (something I think we all wanted as well), and he wanted to keep her in the second-to-last episode so as to keep the spotlight on Angel. She no likey, so she no worky. We will get an update on Buffy...We’ll see her from afar, in a crowd in episode 20, and find out what she’s been up to. That said, I have this gnawing gut feeling that this could be the mother of all spoiler counteroffensives, and Sarah will return.

From txvoodoo: Some of us are glad SMG isn’t coming back. The show doesn’t need her—it stands on its own!

Well, how very adult of you. (Sticks out tongue with fingers in ears.)

From xeneri: Is there any word on whether other Buffy castmembers might appear in the Angel finale?

They had tried for Alyson Hannigan and Michelle Trachtenberg, but it doesn’t look likely because Alyson is working on a play in London, and Michelle is working on an ice-skating film which requires a lot of training, not to mention doing several episodes of Six Feet Under.

From chloe1292: I have to ask, is there any news on whether or not all of our Angel efforts are making a diff?

Oh, how I wish I had some good news for you! I personally haven’t heard of any progress with the higher-ups at WB, UPN or Fox. But I continue to be amazed at how massive this campaign has become. Just this morning, I saw the big "Save Angel" billboard truck drive by E! Online, and it brought a little tear to my eye. From milesfrom730: Won’t you tell us some news on Angel? We see more into Lorne’s past in the 17th ep—that he acquired a drinking habit after learning that the girl he loved was going to die. (Am I the only one who thought Lorne sang for the other team?)

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  • But Alyson took time off When Harry Met Sally, right? So it’s possible her scenes in the finale are already shot(?)

    See online : Hannigan taking time out from her West End play

  • Well it all started with Buffy...

    30 March 2004 20:16, by Anonymous
    I think they should of had Sarah Michelle Gellar in the last ep, in the finale of Angel. It did afterall start with Buffy. Why not take it back to the beginning?
  • > Why isn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar coming back - Kristin Chat

    31 March 2004 10:21, by Martin Rothery
    Alyson in theory is away now (between 17th March and 3rd April), and I’d hoped (probably rather too desperately) that it was for an Angel appearance, but I saw a subsequent news article (link below) that said she was filming the pilot for her new sitcom at CBS Studio Center on March 26th and the 31st. Not mutually exclusive with doing some Angel work as well I guess, but probably unlikely, given the lack of rumours on the subject. Bummer.

    See online : Alyson fliming pilot

  • This just doesn’t make sense. When Joss and David were both being all pissy about Sarah not returning for the finale, she said that she didn’t want it to be all about her, so I doubt she would have minded which episode she appeared in. However, Joss made damn sure that David was in the Buffy finale, so I think Sarah has a right to an appearence in Angel’s. I do agree, however, that she might actually pop up. Remember, one of the only reasons that Angel had a season 5 was the promise of James as a regular and guest spots from Sarah and Alyson. (Note: I see that Sarah received all the backlash for not returning, yet Alyson gets off scott free, even though they both made the same promise.)
  • did you ever think that she gets paid twice as much money for movies than for television and for less work and that she was looking for an insignificant reason to pass on it without upsetting her larger fan base to receive good ratings on her next horror film or what people wise up she should jump at the chance to be in any of the last episodes of angel shes playing the politician and no one can see it so wake up