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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

Keith McDuffee

Sunday 5 November 2006, by Webmaster

Before all of you Buffy fanatics come jumping down my throat for even having the nerve to suggest that there are bad episodes of Buffy, know that I did do a list last year of my favorite five episodes of the show. I am a huge fan of this series no matter how much I might bitch and whine about an episode or two (well, in this case five). I’m always watching the seasons over and over again, so much so that I think my DVDs are wearing out.

So, while there are many more good episodes than bad, Buffy — like any other show on TV — does have its bad days.

5. Where The Wild Things Are (S04E18) — There really wasn’t much point to this episode. Buffy and Riley spent the bulk of the episode in a frat house bedroom having sex while the rest of the scoobs are left to battle some ornery ghosts who are none too happy. Maybe I just hate that we had to endure the knowing that some guy was banging Buffy for hours on end. No, actually, the episode was just pointless and not all that good.

4. The Pack (S01E06) — I mentioned my distaste for this episode when I reviewed it during Retro Squad. The whole plot within the zoo and Xander hanging around with bullies, possessed with the spirit of some demon hyenas. And then we’re supposed to believe Xander can take down Buffy in any capacity? Please.

3. Inca Mummy Girl (S02E04) — This episode has a familiar feeling to it, one that took me back to ’The Pack’. And it makes sense, as it was written by the same duo. Maybe it’s a problem with the silly field trips the kids are taking in High School that makes for a bad episode. This was another of the few episodes that made me wish it’d be over already.

2. Go Fish (S02E20) — I feel bad for Nick Brendon. Out of the very few Xander-centric episodes, I’m naming three of them in my worst-of list. Thankfully there’s ’The Zeppo’, which I really liked but I think there are those who didn’t. Actually this one’s not all Xander, so that’s good for him. I think what I hated the most about this episode was the horrible costumes used on the, um, fish men. The scene at the end of the episode, with the group of them flopping around in the ocean is pain inducing and laughable at the same time.

1. Doublemeat Palace (S06E12) — Where do I begin? This just had to be a joke amongst the writers to see how laughable they could get an episode past the fans of the show. I’m not sure there is anyone I know who, when I mention this episode, doesn’t react with a smarting sound and "ooooo.... yeah that was bad." What were they thinking?

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  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    5 November 2006 20:41, by Anonymous
    I agree with #1 and #5, those two were just bad to sit through. I didn’t think the pack was that bad same with mummy girl and go fish. But that’s just me.
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    6 November 2006 00:25, by Mark
    "Him" from season 7. all time worst Buffy episode!
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    6 November 2006 17:40, by samanta
    I agree with four, but i actually liked The pack - just for the idea of Xander turning bad and how mean he was towards everyone specialy Willow. Instead i would put "Him" from season 7. I know many of fans loved it but i just found it out of place and kind of dull....
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    7 November 2006 01:29, by Merciful Zeus!
    I’m amazed that "Beer Bad" didn’t make it onto the list - that was truly awful. A new writer trying to wrap up her feminist rant in an engaging story and failing miserably. How to deal with men who act like cavemen? Whack them with a large stick! Just not very enlightening, was it?
  • I disagree. DMP is a hilarious episode.

    The real worst episodes:

    1. Entropy 2. Hell’s Bells 3. The Puppet Show

  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    7 November 2006 18:37, by Anonymous
    Agree with I Robot you Jane, but I would never put Hell’s Bells as one of the worst, i loved the episode though i would prefer them to go through with the wedding, but we can’t have everything....... and hey! the list of bad episodes is getting bigger so much for the author being worried about even suggesting "the bad episodes" idea .......
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    7 November 2006 18:38, by Anonymous

    I take it this person never saw “Teacher’s Pet”.

    “The Pack” and “Inca Mummy Girl” were both excellent episodes, and I’m not even a Xander worshiper. I take it the person that came up with this list is very much anti-Xander to have put those two on the list; I’m surprised “The Zeppo” isn’t on here, too.

    I do agree with “Doublemeat Palace” - that was just agonizing to watch. “Teacher’s Pet” is neck-in-neck with it for the worst episode of all. And as much as I love Jenny’s banter with Giles in the episode, “I Robot, You Jane” was pretty weak, too. Then I’d round out the list with “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Buffy Meets Dracula,” neither of which were gawdawful, but by comparison, aren’t on the same level with the other eps.

    And I completely don’t agree with everyone who’s so negative about “Beer Bad” - it’s one of my all-time favorites. I do like the funny ones.

  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    7 November 2006 23:55, by Karin
    Oh yeah "where the boring things are" really was a bad one and "Doublemeat palace" please what where they thinking? That episode made me seriously dislike hamburgers for a while...yuck!
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    8 November 2006 20:03, by Anonymous

    First of all: I Robot - You Jane and Two to Go are in my opinion the worst episodes. The first one for the awful scene with moloch appearing on-screen, the second one for very bad acting of Gellar and Hannigan... I really like both characters, Buffy and Willow... but the dialog and how it was spoken in ’Two to Go’ is very, very, very dull... only the cliffhanger with Giles coming home was good, the rest was an awful chit-chat between some wannabe-super-hero/villain-girls.

    To Doublemeat Palace: I don’t know, why this episode is so much hated... I thought it was one of the funniest episodes in the whole show. Maybe I like it, because I’m very interested in how films or tv-shows are directed. To be honest, DMP is indeed bad directing... but in my opinion with purpose! Look at the camera-angels and you’ll see a different style compared to a normal buffy-episode, more like in a typical b-movie. Also, the villain could be some bad monster from any ’big-radioactive-contaminated-insect’-film. But that’s exactly, why I like it: It’s a lovely hommage to these old, cheap and crummy b-movies.

    Last but not least: I know a girl, who works at Burger King... and she was very strained watching the episode, because some scenes reminded her only too well ;) One commentary here mentions, that the writer of it couldn’t see burgers for a while... and I think, that’s exactly what the writer/director had supposed in creating this episode ,)

  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    9 November 2006 18:51, by theprodigal

    I agree, Doublemeat Palace is the WORST episode, with Buffys degrading sex scene with Spike to the old lady with the Phallus for a head that spurts fluid. OMG im cringing even typing this.

    Lies My Parents Told Me, is also awful and one of my worst, that close to the end of season 7 should not have been used to buff Spike up, yeah we get it he is a good guy now, yawn. never mind the fact he ws a soulles creature he kills out of love. And ruining Buffy and Giles relationship if even just temporary.

  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    11 December 2006 20:15, by anne

    Having watched all 7 seasons (repeatedly!) I agree with the author of the original message: those were my picks also! Not "bad" episodes, just not as interesting as others...

    Actually I could add a few more, mostly from the first season since I find that as I have matured so has my taste; ie, I can now recognize better the metaphors that Josh was portraying in his story arcs; the underlying messages his characters relay through their choices and relationships.

    Earlier Buffy seasons were targeted toward a younger audience than were the last few. Perhaps that’s why I now find my favorite episodes in the last 3 seasons. Also, as an adult, I have grown to appreciate/prefer the complexity of the Season 6 relationships (especially the Buffy & Spike conflict) over the sweeter, more simplistic Romeo & Juliet romance of Buffy & Angel.

    But whatever..."it’s all good!"

    See online : The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    10 January 2007 15:23, by Cesko
    I would say 6 pisodes, cause beer bad was so bad and also pointless
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    11 January 2007 19:40, by jenaissapas
    I LOVE ’the Pack’ and ’Where the Wild Things Are’ ONLY the anya/xander scenes. So I semi-agree.
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    13 January 2007 20:03, by Jelly
    "Seeing Red". I just don’t think they needed to go there with Spike trying to rape Buffy. There were plenty of other ways the writers could have gone to make the point that Spike needed to get his soul back. It’s the only episode that makes me feel icky.
  • The Five : Worst episodes of Buffy (or "Bored now")

    15 January 2007 00:20, by moby
    I agree with the writer’s complaint about having to endure the knowledge that Riley is banging Buffy —’for hours’. That’s hard to take. If anyone is banging Buffy for hours it should be me. Nothing is worse, for a guy, than knowing the hot girl you’ve fantasized about is being ’done’ by some other male. Ouch. I don’t think females have a comparable reference point that would enable them to grasp how much this would sting. [No offence intended.]