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Angel 4x11 Soulless - Wildfeed

Thursday 6 February 2003, by Webmaster

Angel 4x11 Wildfeed

Connor battles a bunch of vampires in an alley. He finishes off the group he’s fighting only to find more heading his way.

At the hotel, Wesley swings a painting on the wall aside, revealing a safe. He unlocks it. Cordelia holds the glowing Muo-Ping containing Angel’s soul and stares at it. Fred notes the strangeness of seeing Angel’s soul in a bottle. Lorne reminds her it’s not a permanent thing, they’re just "borrowing it" for a bit.

Wes opens the safe and asks for the bottle. Cordelia cautiously hands it over. Wes takes it with care and places it in the safe, closes the door and locks it. He turns to the others and tells them "Angel is gone." Gunn hopes they know what they’re doing. Wes reminds him Angelus may be all they’ve got when it comes to finding a way to deal with the Beast and get the sun back.

Cordelia tells the others Angelus is dangerous, she knows, she’s seen him in action. But she believes they’ve done the right thing.

Wes tells the others who don’t have first hand experience with him that they need to be very careful, Angelus is extremely dangerous. He says prior to being ensouled, his cruelty was legendary. They’ve all been apprised of his history. Fred quietly notes what she remembers; "killing, maiming, torture ..." Lorne adds, "puppies nailed to walls" and thanks Cordy for providing that visual.

Wes says Angelus will be focused on one thing only, escaping so he can kill them. Cordelia adds that they’re Angel’s link to humanity, Angelus will hate them for that and want to make them suffer for it.

Wes instructs the others to keep an eye on the monitor while he goes downstairs, watch Angelus carefully, make note of his words and actions. He says he’ll try to confuse them, exploit their emotions so they lose focus and drop their guard. If he succeeds, they all die.

Everyone ponders Wesley’s words as he notes that he’s prepared all his life for this moment, but he still doesn’t feel ready. He realizes Angelus is smarter than he is and better focused. He knows Angelus will use Angel’s knowledge of him and use it against him. He’s sure he won’t see it coming.

In the basement cell, Angelus sits on the floor, listening to the conversation upstairs, singing to himself, "If you go into the woods tonight, you won’t believe your eyes. If you go into the woods tonight, you’re in for a big surprise."

Wes, armed with a crossbow, comes downstairs as Angelus watches. Wes greets him. Angelus wonders if Wes isn’t happy to see him. Wes wonders why he should be. Angelus says it was with the help of the Shaman Wes brought that he’s back. He appreciates that. Wesley reminds him Angel was the one who made the choice.

Angelus mocks the mention of Angel, telling Wes he’s [Wes] the one with the smarts. Wes asks if he’s comfortable. Angelus looks around and answers that the acoustics are nice, he wouldn’t mind having a chair.

Wes sarcastically asks him to forgive the surroundings, reminding Angelus the last time he was free, he terrorized Sunnydale. Angelus smiles, remembering that fondly with, "That Slayer, she’s a pistol."

Wes says he’s looked forward to this opportunity as he pulls up a chair and sits it opposite Angelus. He goes on as he sits down, saying he’s read everything written on him. Angelus is flattered by the praise but he knows the reason for it. Wes continues, noting it’s a rare opportunity for him as a former Watcher, being able to have a one-on-one with him.

Angelus points out that stroking his ego isn’t the most original of interrogation techniques but he’s willing to play along. Wes wonders if that’s what Angelus thinks it is, a game. Angelus replies that he’s an open book, he’ll tell Wes whatever he wants to know, "How sweet that virgin gypsy tasted, the smell of a newborn’s neck, my first nun — now that’s a great story." Wes says they could start there.

Angelus knows that’s not the information Wes is interested in, he wants to know about the Beast. He tells him to go ahead and ask. Wes asks if Angelus knew the Beast. Angelus notes that’s a question, not great or insightful, however. He’s disappointed.

Wes wants to know why Angel doesn’t remember if Angelus knew the Beast. Angelus doesn’t know the answer to that, offering, "Maybe he doesn’t remember the good times. Maybe he won’t let himself." He notes with disgust that’s typical of Angel. He has a question of his own for Wes. He wonders what the deal is with Angel and "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Wes asks if he’s referring to the movie. Angelus answers that it was the theme of Angel’s perfect day fantasy, "caves, booby traps, the requisite phallic sword." Wes asks if Angel fought the Beast in his fantasy. Angelus notes his view of Angel being a "candy ass", not content to be the hero, he needed everybody working together to be happy.

Wes asks if Angel succeeded in killing the Beast in his fantasy. Angelus answers that it was necessary for him to do so, to get what he wanted. He figures everybody wants something, it’s the way of the world. Everybody has an agenda. Wes reckons Angelus is going to tell him what his [Wesley’s] is.

Angelus smiles, telling Wes he wants to come downstairs, get the information on the Beast, play hero. Wes concedes he wants information on killing the Beast but denies it has anything to do with heroics. Angelus doesn’t believe that, saying it’s all about that but he can’t quite figure the timing. He notes it couldn’t be about the apocalypse thing because there’s always one of those coming up. Wes wonders what Angelus thinks his motivation is.

Angelus stalks to the bars of the cell, saying "The foul rag and bone shop of the heart. That’s where you live." Wes wants to know what he means by that. Angelus says Wes wants to impress the girl, and after a couple of days of candy and flowers, "you’ll bend her over the kitchen counter and —" He slams his hands on the bars, startling Wes who grasps the crossbow in his lap just a bit tighter. He maintains his outward composure, asking Angelus if he’s supposed to be bothered by that.

Angelus looks toward the upstairs, noting Fred’s too skinny for his liking but to each their own. Wes says that the Beast referred to Angelus as an "adversary." Angelus isn’t interested in talking about that as he goes on, coarsely pondering Gunn and Fred getting physical. He considers that visual a moment, savoring it.

Fred, Gunn, Lorne and Cordy watch the goings on in the basement on a monitor upstairs in the lobby as Angelus informs Wes his infatuation with Fred is hardly a secret. Fred reminds Gunn not to believe anything Angelus says. Gunn asks if they can believe the parts that are true. Cordelia says Angelus lies about everything, he "distorts with the truth", that’s why he’s so dangerous. Gunn tries not to let the words eat at him, but he’s not succeeding. Fred reminds him they’re just words.

In the basement, Wes congratulates Angelus on the effort and asks if they can move on. Angelus laughs and offers that the places Wes and the others have been seeking info on the Beast are the wrong places. Wes asks where the right place would be. Angelus doesn’t see the fun in telling. Wes looks for confirmation that Angelus and the Beast were adversaries. Angelus says it’s hard to tell friends from enemies. Wes notes that he’d be doing Angelus a favor by destroying the Beast if it’s an enemy of his.

Angelus informs Wes he isn’t convincing. In spite of the new look, he’s "still the same loser none of the other kids wanted to sit with at lunch." Wes reminds him he’s the one in the cage. Angelus isn’t impressed by it, noting that Wesley has no leverage against him to get the information he wants. He wonders what Wes will do, kill him? Wes assures him he’s prepared to do what’s necessary, including that.

Angelus laughs and suggests, "Wait till they drop, Wes, then try that line again." A clearly flustered Wesley responds that he’ll re-ensoul him. If he won’t tell them anything, they’ll restore Angel and they’ll be no worse off then they were before they brought Angelus back. Angelus points out that would make Wes a failure ... again.

Wes isn’t interested in having his time wasted. He tells Angelus he can rot there as he heads upstairs. Angelus mocks his lack of stamina, noting it’s not surprising Fred isn’t interested. Wes says it’s clear Angelus doesn’t know anything that can be of use to them. Angelus knows the game, he supposes this is the part he’s expected to start talking, telling what he knows to prove Wes wrong. He wonders if Wes can’t do better than that.

Wes tries another tack, telling Angelus he must hate that Angel fights on the side of good. Angelus laughs, noting it must drive Wes crazy, "seeing all those idiots flock around him, calling him a champion." He wonders if anyone has ever called Wesley that. Wes says he plays his role. Angelus reminds him of his failures; letting Lilah drill information out of Lorne’s head, Faith —"

Wes cuts him off, countering that Angelus managed to get re-ensouled a couple of times, saving the world more than once. He reckons nobody’s perfect. Angelus pays no attention to that, continuing his listing of Wesley’s failures by bringing up Connor’s kidnapping. Wes responds that Connor survived it. Angelus figures Wes can’t understand the father/son bond since his father is ashamed of him. That hits a nerve as Wes snaps back that Connor feels the same way about Angelus, so the universe appears to be maintaining balance. Angelus shivers mockingly, noting that Connor creeps him out, he wonders if Wes has the same reaction.

Wes says that Cordy had a vision in which the Beast and Angelus were standing in a field. Angelus would prefer to talk about Cordelia, noting "now there’s a rack to write home about. Too bad about the personality though, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap."

As an uncomfortable looking Cordelia watches on the monitor in the lobby, Angelus ridicules her telling Angel she loves him but she can’t deal with his doing bad things like eating babies. He looks at Wes and derisively notes, "Chicks." Lorne reminds Cordy not to take any of it personally. Gunn figures they really don’t need to listen to this as he starts to turn the monitor off. Cordy stops him, telling him she’s okay.

Angelus asks Wes which he thinks is worse, "Stealing my kid, like you did, or banging him, like Cordelia did?" The others watch in the lobby, not believing what they’re hearing. Angelus describes events on the night the sky rained fire in coarse detail, noting it was an interesting picture. He thinks on that a moment, then offers it was more of a "snapshot really, because Connor ..." He laughs.

Fred thinks Angelus’ words are ridiculous, pointing out that Connor is Angel’s son, "It would be like sleeping with your own —" She stops when she sees Lorne signaling her not to go there. Cordy looks at her. Fred realizes Angelus is telling the truth.

Angelus looks toward the security camera and asks who he has to kill to get something to drink.

A battered Connor enters the lobby. Everyone turns to look at him. Cordy asks if he’s okay. He tells her vamps are flooding into the city, too many to fight. He notices everyone staring at him and asks what that’s about.

Wes comes in and says Angelus wants blood. Fred offers to get it. Gunn anxiously offers to assist her.

Fred brings a glass of blood downstairs. Gunn accompanies her, armed with a crossbow. Angelus likens them to his "favorite couple", Othello and Desdemona, then notes that doesn’t quite fit, "Desdemona wasn’t in love with the other guy." He makes a vulgar comment about Fred. Gunn suggests he keep talking, he’ll sweep up the dust from the cell when he’s finished. Angelus wonders if Gunn’s "boss" would like Gunn getting him all worked up. Gunn responds he doesn’t have a boss. Angelus suggests he inform Wes of that fact.

Angelus turns his attention to Fred, leering at her, telling her she looks "fresh and sweet." He taunts her with coarse references to what he hears between her and Gunn, getting physical in her room. Fred calls him a pig. Gunn notes the irony of the talk, considering it’s coming from a guy who can’t "get any." He aims the crossbow at Angelus and orders him to step back from the bars. He smiles and complies.

Fred places the glass of blood on a wheeled cart and rolls it toward the cell. She shoves it against the bars. Angelus steps forward, reaches through the bars and retrieves the glass. Fred watches while Gunn keeps the crossbow trained on its target.

Angelus suddenly kicks the cart into Fred, knocking her forward, into him. He grabs her throat through the bars and holds her tightly, back against the cell. Gunn tries to get a shot with the crossbow, but realizes he can’t without risking hitting Fred. Angelus suggests perhaps he’ll "get some now."

He holds onto Fred, telling her he likes the way she moves but he’d prefer she moved a bit more to the left. Fred cries out for Gunn who drops the crossbow and rushes to her aid, trying to pry Angelus’ hand off of her throat.

Angelus mocks his effort, urging Gunn to "Save her!" as Gunn continues trying to get Fred freed from his grip. A tranquilizer dart hits Angelus in the arm. That allows Gunn to free Fred. From the stairs, Wes fires another dart into Angelus, knocking him out.

Gunn asks Fred if she’s okay. A shaken Fred responds that she is, she blames herself for being stupid. Wes comes down the steps and assures her it wasn’t her fault. He says Angelus will take whatever opportunity is presented. He reminds them not to be unarmed. As he goes upstairs, Fred thanks Gunn for helping her and hugs him, telling him she’s glad he was there. Wes looks back briefly then goes on up the steps.

Connor is one of the hotel’s rooms. Cordelia brings him a fresh shirt, noting she hopes he doesn’t mind black. He puts it on, then realizes it’s Angel’s. Cordy says it was either that or one of Lorne’s. Connor’s fine with it. He retrieves the wrist staking devices and puts them on. Cordy doesn’t want him going out again, reminding him he said there were too many vamps to fight. Connor doesn’t want to stay at the hotel. He figures everyone stares at him like they still think he’s connected to the Beast.

Cordelia tells him he was getting the odd looks because they found out about the two of them. Angelus brought up the night they were together. The strange looks were because everyone knows now. Connor isn’t bothered by that, figuring if Angel doesn’t care if everybody knows, he shouldn’t either.

Cordelia reminds him Angelus is not Angel. She suggests he get some rest and starts to leave. Connor tells her it’s fine if she doesn’t want to be with him but not to tell him what to do. She leaves as he continues dressing to go back out to fight.

Fred enters the back office where Wesley is looking through a book. She greets him rather uncomfortably. Wes says Angelus mentioned a sword Angel used to defeat the Beast in his fantasy, he thought perhaps he could find something about it. He closes the book and sets it aside.

Fred thanks Wes for his help earlier in the basement. She looks nervously toward the lobby. Wes follows her glance and tells her Gunn isn’t out there. Fred tells him Gunn heard the things Angelus said about — Wes knows she’s referring to the stuff about his feelings for Fred. Fred confirms that’s what she was talking about. She says there’s nothing wrong with that but before she can finish that thought, Wes says there is, grabs her and pulls her into a kiss.

Things get a bit intense before Fred finally pulls away. Gunn comes into the office and asks who’s watching the monitor. Fred tries to act nonchalant and fails. Gunn realizes something was going on just before he entered the office. Fred tries to get Gunn out of the office, agreeing that someone should be watching the monitor. Gunn is more interested in what was happening when he walked in. Wes suggests he deal with him directly and leave Fred out of it. Gunn snaps that Wes is the one who should be leaving Fred out of it. Fred reminds him she’s in the room.

Gunn yells at Wes, letting him know he’s seen the way Wes looks at Fred. Fred tries to get him to calm down. He turns on her, asking if she thinks he hasn’t noticed the way she always runs to Wes when she needs help, like she thinks he’s "not good enough." Fred denies that, telling him this isn’t the time to have this discussion. Gunn tells Wesley to stay away from Fred.

In his basement cell, Angelus lies on his back on the floor, hears the arguing going on upstairs, smiles and notes, "That was fast" as he starts to laugh.

Connor heads downstairs toward the basement as Gunn and Wesley continue arguing.

Fred pushes Gunn out of the office, into the lobby. Wes follows, continuing the quarrel. Gunn points out that Wes is oblivious to things, like the fact nobody wants him there. Wes notes they haven’t done such a great job without him.

Cordelia and Lorne enter the lobby. Lorne tries to diffuse the situation but his effort is met with a "Shut up!" from Gunn. Gunn taunts Wes about kidnapping Connor, he wonders if losing him was also part of Wesley’s plan. Wes suggests Gunn go ahead and throw the blame around, it’s what he does best.

Gunn gets in Wesley’s face and asks if he wants to say that again. Wes suggests Gunn face the truth, he can’t give Fred what she needs. Gunn responds to that by punching Wes in the face. Wes hits him back, they go at each other as Fred begs them to stop and Cordy yells they’re giving Angelus exactly what he wants.

Lorne tries to stop the fight, Gunn shoves him off. Fred tries to grab Gunn, he inadvertently catches her in the face with his elbow as he lays another punch on Wesley. Fred gets knocked to the floor. Gunn realizes things are out of hand and stops the fight. Cordy and Lorne kneel beside Fred who gently rubs her jaw.

Cordy looks up at the monitor and sees Connor approaching the basement cell.

Connor approaches the bars of the cell, telling Angelus everyone is afraid of him. Angelus, who is sitting on the floor, looks up and asks if it’s his shirt Connor is wearing. Connor answers, "Not anymore." Angelus notes, "It looks good on you, son." Connor responds that Cordelia did too. Angelus says she looks good on everyone.

Connor says he was warned about Angelus by Angel, told that he wasn’t his father, Angel was. Angelus stands, remembering that speech, also recalling it ended with Connor promising to kill him. Connor assures him he remembers that too. Angelus figures it wasn’t necessary, "With your track record, I’ll be staking myself by the end of the day." Connor smiles, he’s okay with that. Angelus tells him Darla felt the same way, she was so disgusted having him inside of her she staked herself, "just so she wouldn’t have to hear your first whiny breath."

Connor doesn’t believe Angelus knows what he’s talking about. Angelus continues, saying that Holtz was so disappointed in Connor, he stabbed himself in the throat. Connor tells him Holtz was a good man who only wanted Angelus to get what he deserved. He promises he’ll see to it. Angelus notes Connor is "in love", all that sappy stuff. He wonders if it isn’t just a little disconcerting that the woman he’s in love with used to change his diapers. He tells him to consider "The first woman you boned is the closest thing you’ve ever had to a mother." He punctuates that comment with a mocking gasp. He ponders that a moment, "Doing your mom and trying to kill your dad ... there should be a play."

Connor lets him know he doesn’t care what Angelus says. Angel told him Angelus would try to hurt him, that he wasn’t his father, just an animal in a cage, but he didn’t believe it. He knows Angel is "something that you’re forced to wear", he sees Angelus as his real father.

Angelus taunts him to come after him, saying all he has to do is come and get him. Connor figures that’s just what Angelus wants. Angelus notes that Connor wouldn’t have a chance anyway. Connor isn’t so sure of that. Angelus suggests he not make promises he can’t keep. He continues goading as Connor walks closer to the cage bars.

Cordelia comes downstairs and tells Connor to leave. He refuses. She asks again. He reluctantly complies, telling Angelus it’s his "lucky day." Angelus shouts after him, "Yeah, go to your room, momma’s boy."

Cordelia turns off the security camera and approaches the cell. She tells Angelus it’s been a long day and he’s caused enough damage. He sarcastically asks if he gets a hug. She tells him they’re going to make a deal. He knows she wants to know about the Beast but doesn’t see what’s in it for him. He ponders that a moment, noting a new car might be sufficient incentive, he likes the new Mustang.

Cordy has something else in mind, "something better." Angelus asks "What’s a better ride than a Mustang?" Cordy answers, "Me." She says he can have her if he tells them what he knows. Angelus is incredulous, noting there must be some confusion, they removed the soul, not his brain.

Cordelia suggests he use it then, pointing out that things are falling apart, they’re out of time and options. He’s the only chance they have left. Angelus notes Wes was better at the ego stroking routine. Cordelia tells him he knows what it means to be a "champion". He dryly responds that he’s trying to forget. Cordy continues, saying sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Angelus tells her he can think of things he’d like to do with her body, "besides the obvious." She says he can do whatever he wants if he gives them the information on the Beast. He thinks she’s lying.

She tells him he knows her well, he can look into her eyes and know she’s not lying.

Cordelia is in the office, having just told the others Angelus is ready to talk. Gunn wonders why he’s changed his mind. Cordy isn’t forthcoming with an explanation. Connor wants to know why Cordy doesn’t want to tell them what she did to convince Angelus to talk. She says she did what she had to do. Gunn wonders what she means by that.

Wes says they all know of Angelus’ ability to manipulate people. Cordy assures him she’s not being manipulated. He figures it would be better if he knew what had happened. Cordelia reckons it’s best if he doesn’t.

Wes queries Angelus about the Beast. Angelus says a year, 1789. Wes notes he was in Prussia. Angelus is impressed Wes is up on his history. He relishes the memory of Prussian girls, the sweet taste of their blood.

The others watch on the monitor in the lobby.

Wes would like to get to the part about Angelus meeting the Beast. Angelus tells him to be patient as he continues his story, which plays out in flashback as he narrates. He was on his way to Vienna when he got the feeling he was being watched. He noted there were troops around, he’d run into them on occasion, didn’t enjoy the taste as much as that of the girls. He came upon a massacre, he didn’t figure it was the work of the military. He notes there were bodies strewn everywhere, but no blood to drink. He followed the trail of corpses and was led to the Beast.

Angelus approaches the Beast who punches a man he’s holding, knocking him to the ground. Angelus snaps the man’s neck with his foot.

He continues telling Wesley the story. The Beast had been watching him, he’d committed the massacre to impress Angelus. Wes asks why. Angelus explains the Beast had a problem he thought Angelus could help him with. Wes asks how. Angelus asks if Wes has heard of the "Svea Priestesses". He says they do banishing, the Beast was next on the list. They were protected by some kind of magick that kept the Beast from harming them but a vampire could.

Wes realizes the Beast wanted Angelus to kill the priestesses for it. Angelus confirms that, saying they had an agreement worked out. He’d kill the women and the Beast would help him with something later, as the need arose.

Flashback to the Beast telling Angelus on the field of corpses that they need not be enemies, asking him to join with it.

Wes asks what happened next.

Angelus says he declined the offer, he’s not into teamwork. He admits he probably could have been more diplomatic in his refusal. Flashback to the Beast punching him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Angelus figured the Beast was going to kill him. Before it had the chance, however, a group of priestesses showed up. They banished the Beast before it could finish Angelus off.

Wes asks how the Beast was banished. Angelus doesn’t know, he passed out and missed that part.

Wes and the others pore over books and papers in the office, researching the Svea. Fred finds something and tells the others. The "Svea Priestesses" are part of a mystical order, all descendants of a Nordic Priestess, Svea. Connor asks if there’s anything specific to the Beast. Fred isn’t sure but she points out something that might be relevant.

Wes looks over the book. Fred notes she’s not really adept at translating runes but she thinks it gives a general description of the what and the how of the banishment. Wes thinks the general reference refers to the Beast. Lorne figures that’s good news and asks where they can find the priestesses and how soon they can get to LA.

Gunn lays the phone book, open to the yellow pages, on the desk, noting the priestesses are about 25 minutes away, in Pacoima.

Wes, Connor and Cordelia arrive at the home of the Svea. Wes rings the bell but nobody answers. Wes knocks on the door, then notes it’s unlocked. They enter the house. They call out for anyone inside to answer but no one does.

Connor peruses a selection of framed family photographs, noting the mother is a priestess. Cordelia looks over a table piled with papers, a pen, a calculator and a partially consumed cup of coffee. She says she thinks all of the women in the family are priestesses. She pauses a moment, sniffs the air and asks what the smell is.

They find the family, including young children, slaughtered. Wes sadly notes that once again they didn’t arrive in time. Cordelia wonders how the Beast always seems to be one step ahead of them, always knowing what they’re going to do. She thinks it’s like it’s psychic. Wes considers that a possibility.

Connor offers that perhaps the Beast was just watching the hotel. Cordy reckons it’s possible Angelus sent it a message somehow.

Wes examines one of the bodies more closely and notes they’ve been dead for several days. Angelus couldn’t have had anything to do with it. Cordy realizes that by the time they were doing the soul removal spell, it was already too late.

A clearly shaken Connor looks on the body of a little boy, a bloody stuffed bunny lying next to him, and asks if they’ve been there like that for days. Wes figures nobody noticed they were missing with the chaos going on since the sun was blocked out.

Cordy thinks they should have predicted this would happen. Wes notes it’s obvious the Beast would have gone after the Svea. He suggests they look around for anything that might be useful to them in dealing with it, then call the police.

He picks up a piece of paper and examines it, telling Cordy he thinks it’s a banishment spell, or at least part of one. Cordelia realizes the Svea were in the process of trying to banish the Beast. Wes agrees that’s likely.

Connor notes the refrigerator door where a calendar is posted, a heart shaped circle around one of the dates. He runs out of the house. Cordy follows him out.

Cordelia finds Connor outside, vomiting in the shrubbery. He sits on the steps. She sits next to him. She looks up at the sky and notes the sun should be up. After a moment, she says she understands, it’s different dealing with dead demons than it is seeing dead human beings. An emotional Connor tells her it’s not that. She asks what then. He answers, "The family —"

Vamps attack Connor and Cordelia. Cordelia gets knocked to the ground. Connor fights them off. Wes pulls his SUV to a screeching halt in front of the house, running over one of the vamps. He urges Connor and Cordelia to get in as more vampires approach.

At the hotel, Lorne, Fred and Gunn watch the monitor as Angelus sings to himself in the cell. Gunn observes how relaxed he seems, as if he’s not even caged. Lorne notes, in Angelus’ mind he’s not, as he turns the sound off on the monitor. Gunn asks if Lorne was able to read anything from Angelus. Lorne answers, "You don’t want to know." Fred agrees with that, she doesn’t want to know either.

Wes, Connor and Cordy return to the hotel. Gunn asks what happened. Connor says they ran into vamps. Fred asks if they got the priestesses. Wes answers that the Beast got there first, killing the whole family. Fred quietly notes it found a way to kill them after all. She asks if they’re certain Angelus doesn’t know anything more. She wonders if it would be useful to talk to him again.

Wes is sure there is nothing more to be gotten from Angelus. Gunn notes their plan in bringing him back was pretty much a waste. Cordy figures it’s time to bring Angel back. A sullen Connor quietly walks upstairs. Cordy notes he had a rough night.

Wes says they’ll need Wo-Pang.

Cordelia comes downstairs and approaches the cell. Angelus is sitting on the floor. He says he figured she’d be far away from LA by now. She reminds him she told him she’d be back. He asks how the trip went. She says they found, "a little boy, his sister, mom, dad, grandma, all dead." Angelus is disappointed to have missed the fun. She says the Beast slaughtered them. Angelus asks if she brought him a souvenir, "maybe a stray baby toe?" He laughs, gets up and asks where her sense of humor has gone. She says she must have lost it. He tells her not to blame him for what happened to the Svea, he told them everything he knew. She reminds him it was too late. He figures that’s their fault, not his. He expects her to live up to her end of the deal they made.

Cordy reminds him the arrangement they had was that his information would lead to them saving the world, he’d get her as a reward. She notes that the world didn’t get saved, so no deal.

Wes begins to unlock the office wall safe.

Angelus isn’t happy being stiffed on the deal. He wonders if Cordy thinks he’ll just let it go. She’s not concerned about it, noting there isn’t much he can do from inside the cell. He doesn’t figure he’ll be in there indefinitely. She looks at her watch and notes it will only be another hour or so, they’re restoring Angel’s soul. Angelus laughs, saying it won’t happen. Cordelia assures him it will, and just in time for the apocalypse. She’s sorry to give him the news he won’t be around for it, knowing how much he loves those apocalypses.

Angelus notes he was looking forward to it, still is. Cordelia assures him he won’t be coming back, Angel will see to that. Angelus isn’t impressed or convinced. Cordy tells him he’s nobody, "just a disease and Angel can’t wait to be rid of you." Angelus makes a vulgar threat, shoves his arm through the bars and reaches for her. Cordy calmly notes he’s "not even close." She walks away and heads upstairs. Angelus calls after her, reminding her the angrier she makes him, the longer he’ll keep her alive. He watches her leave and remarks to himself, "Hmm, something tells me she’s a screamer."

Cordy enters the office to find everyone standing around in stunned silence. She asks what’s going on. Everyone looks toward the open, empty wall safe as Fred tells her Angel’s soul is gone.