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Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

By Gjac1 & Sky News

Monday 8 March 2004, by Webmaster


I sent 3 emails to Sky Tv in the UK last week and i have just got a reply back. As people know Sky One show all new episodes of Angel here in the UK so i wanted to know what they thought about Angel being canceled and what they knew about it. I asked several questions about Angel and they have replied to each of them. Here is the reply i got :

Thank you for your email, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the new season of Angel on Sky One .

Here at Sky One we too where suprised by the decison to cancel Angel after its current season. Angel has always been one of our more popular programs with a loyal and passionate fan base.

To answer your question yes Sky have been in contact with both the producers of the show and the American based broadcast network The WB and we are told that discussions are going ahead behind closed doors to try and secure a sixth season of Angel but unfortunantly we are not privy to the information from these discussions.

Sky One have assured the producers of the show they have our 100% support and we intend to continue showing Angel on our channel should an agreement be made to secure another season.

As to your question of other networks picking up the show, unfortunantly we do not have information on this but be assured everything is being done to try and bring Angel back to Sky One next year.

Kind Regards

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  • > Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

    7 March 2004 19:02, by Anonymous
    I would think Sky TV reps could spell a bit better.....
  • > Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

    7 March 2004 21:21, by Fortyseven[BTEG]

    I dunno, man, the whole thing sounds fishy. The whole thing with the major WB affiliates trying to "save the show", and so forth.

    I’m wondering if this was just a nutty attempt to try to boost Angel’s already growing exposure, and they intended on going for season six all along...

    Just a thought.

  • I live in England and would like to email Sky too.

    Do you have the email address?

  • > Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

    8 March 2004 01:46, by Angelus the Vampire
    Perhaps the spelling mistakes were not Sky`s but the person who typed the message to whatever message board it originally appeared on.
  • > Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

    8 March 2004 02:04, by Anonymous
    The SkyTV reps wouldn’t necessarily be able to spell very well. I work for a very large multi-national corporation, and routinely see e-mails and website postings from the top officers that are full of spelling and grammatical errors. Giving them credit for intelligent command of the English language is a mistake, though you would think they’d at least use "spellcheck" or have a secretary proofread before releasing any statement. I guess it’s all part of the continuing Decline of Western Civilization, just like the decision to replace Angel with reruns of so-called "reality" shows. As if they don’t suck enough the first time around.
  • > Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

    8 March 2004 02:29, by Amy Angel & bufffy fan
    If this is true I REALLY hope it sticks to WB! even if Wb or whedon dont or do like it?! I love the show hope it stay on just lke Buffy did till the end.
  • I’ve been thinking the same thing, Fortyseven..

    Maybe their pulling an Andy Kaufman on us. I read an article that all of the cast and crew has been telling us fans not to donate money for ads in the Hollywood Reporter, Variety etc. They encourage us to send e-mails and postcards and letters, but no donations.

    Perhaps because that would be a waste, considering it’s all for publicity? Hmmmm....makes me wonder..

  • > Angel Sixth Season - Discussions Are Going Ahead

    8 March 2004 17:38, by toffie2nd

    hi i have found the email address for sky and have myself sent an email and waiting a reply so maybe if we all start to send emails regarding the angel cancelation then they could realise how popular the show is to its fan base and possibe do something that might help

    From Sky website:

    Viewer relations

    For programme/channel advice and feedback email: viewerr@bskyb.com

  • hey I’m a great "ANGEL" fan and im pretty sad abaut the 6 season not coming on air. I live in norway so I’ve only seen to the beginning of second season. I love angel and i’v never missed a episode. me and all the angelfans is thrilled of how many people who have supported us about the 6 season not showing. all of my friends and 100ds of others in norway sit firmlt infront of the tv thursday night at 11. every sigle one I chat with on the net around the word is an angelfan,........ They can’t quit now...!!!!!!!!!!!....