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Hope For Angel Season 6 !

By SteelDogDG

Monday 8 March 2004, by Webmaster

Hi all. Just wanted to update you guys. Just when I thought all was dead, I received a ray of hope.

There are some additional meetings going on this week with the PTB. I cannot elaborate with who but only tell you that it is someone we are all familiar with.

Don’t get all excited yet. These are only talks. However, it appears that the several campaigns going on just can’t be ignored.

Even though this is not a shining light, there just might be a light at the end of the tunnel. This might not turn out to be anything. However, the fact that additional meetings are occuring means that at least somebody is listening.

Keep up the good work guys. Time is of the essence.

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  • > Hope For Angel Season 6 !

    10 March 2004 22:05, by Anonymous
    thank you so much. any light is good light but i will keep fighting even with no light at all. remember don’t give up without a bite. oops i mean fight !!grrr & fangs donna
  • > Hope For Angel Season 6 !

    12 March 2004 17:10, by Anonymous

    well any light is a good light. I really hope something does turn up and i really hope that there is gonna be another season of Angel but i wont get my hopes up incase they get crushed. (im from Australia and i think the show rocks)


  • > Hope For Angel Season 6 !

    10 June 2004 01:31, by tom
    it would be great to bring the team back for one more season to wrap the whole show up. i got the feeling from last epiosde that joss was being clever by ending it how he did by leaving the door wide open for a season 6.could angels back up plan be andrew with a amry of slayers. tom from uk