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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #46 - Questions & Answers

Tuesday 9 January 2007, by Webmaster

Like the Serenity River statue, will you ever consider producing statues based on Buffy/Angel characters who may not sell so well in figure form?

*** We’ve done some Buffy statuettes in the past so that door is always open, but there are not plans right now for something like that.

Similarly, if the River statue sells well, would it be possible to use the sculpt and turn it into an action figure, maybe as a convention exclusive or something?

*** No we have no plans to do something like that BUT it it sells well we can do more statuettes.

Like the wall bases, will you ever consider making ’corner’ piece bases, so that all bases could be assembled into a room of sorts?

*** We’ve discussed it but that’s about all we’ve done.

Will we see busts or statues based on Angel characters for 2007?

*** Statues YES but bust...probably not.

Will we see accessory packs based on Angel for 2007

*** Sorry no plans for something like that.

Who has the exclusives for Faith and Giles?

*** So far just Previews, none of the others have been sold yet.

Any news on initiative Xander?

*** I can give you GREAT news - he’s in production and soon you will see where he will be on sale.

Will the Willow/Kennedy/Kendra Deluxe line have the ball jointed necks like the recent figures, or will it have the same swivel and turn neck joint the previous Buffy/Faith Deluxe figure had?

*** It will have swivel and turn.

I’ve heard lots of different stories but I’m not entirely sure so, will "Chosen" Willow and Kennedy be in a 2-pack? If so, which Willow will it be? Red hair or white hair?

*** NO its not a two pack. One is going to be the shortpack in the cases.

With the upcoming Season 8 of Buffy in comic form, will DST make figures, busts or resin pieces of Buffy characters from the comic?

*** We don’t really have rights toanything created in the comic, but if a character gets used or has a big storyline maybe there is something we could do.

In your opinion why did the Buffy line fail under MAC’s control, But seems to be thriving under DST’s control?

*** That’s not really something we would comment on. The crew at MAC did some fantastic work and we’ve just very lucky they chose to pass the torch to us and VERY happy for all the support the fans have given us.

When are the Giles/Faith line actually due for release?

*** Should be in stores this month.

How are the bookends coming along?

*** The bookends are still in for approval.

When will the next line be announced? When Giles/Faith are in stores?

*** Should be just around that time YES.

When is the official release date for the Accessory Packs?

*** Should be in stores this month as well.

How many figures will have a piece of The Judge? Who will have what piece?

*** We’re still working on that.

Will Wood (and the Watcher’s boxset) have full ties or short, once and for all?

*** Full sized tie.

Will Surprise Drusilla have her full scarf, or just the neck cover?

*** Neckcover.

Will Doppelgangland Oz have his hair changed to black to be episode accurate rather than the ginger he has at the moment?

*** We make every effort to make our figures as accurate as possible. The Doppelgangland Oz head was not ready at the time, so the Fear Itself Oz head was used for photography.

When will we see the new Spike Statue?


Any news on Faith’s Jackal Knife, pricewise and estimated release date?

*** We’re still negotiating with the original designer.

Does DST plan to pick up the mini-figure/block figure license from Palisades and make MiniMates of the Buffy/Angel characters? If so, any time frame on when these might be released?

*** We’ve got lots of Minimates on the horizon - if we ever did do clock figures they would be Minimates size and design, not Palisades.