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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Season 8 Update

Saturday 1 February 2003, by Webmaster

Won’t fans be thrilled when the wait is over and the speculation finally ceases? The latest development in the "will it or won’t it return" drama unfolds with not-so-positive news.

According to a source "close to Fox Television" (Fox produces the show for UPN), "There is a whole different attitude at UPN right now, and it’s not the same attitude that first brought Buffy to the network in the first place."

That same source claims that Les Moonves, president of UPN parent CBS, is only interested in ratings, ratings, ratings and bringing Buffy back for an eighth season looks unlikely.

"It is believed around here that if Moonves had been running UPN two years ago, Buffy never would’ve been there in the first place," the source continued.

Of course, no official word has been spoken on the subject, so the waiting game continues.

2 Forum messages

  • Buffy Season 8 Update

    28 September 2004 18:35, by simona
    Ci di sarĂ  dell'un ritorno di cesalpina del serie di nell'ottava?
  • > Buffy Season 8 Update

    15 October 2004 00:57, by Lynn
    well my opion is i think buffy should come back i don’t see how the ratings are not high. i know at least 100 people that watch buffy in my town and that is just my little town.can you imagine all over the united states. Buffy is like my hero i love watching the show and when it went off the air i was devistated. i am still devistated. i have never been like this over a show,but it’s like it was real all but the vampire stuff. i can relate to alot of stuff that all the caricters were feeling exspecialy buffy and i think that is why i got so attached to the show. and i want more. i think it should come back even if upn don’t bring it back why can’t it come back on another channel. i just want the show back and hope and pray that it comes back. sincerly, LYNN