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Making sense of the Angel rumours

Wednesday 12 May 2004, by Webmaster

According to Aint it Cool, news about "Angel" moving to NBC might have been a bit premature. The site contacted an anonymous source who shed some light on the situation. “I wish it were true, but it’s a steaming pile of BS. The sets have been struck, the writers are on new shows, etc. Joss is very focused on SERENITY which starts shooting in three weeks.”

There is good news though. James Marsters recently told reporters that that he could be spraying the hair white again for a ‘Spike’ Spin-off. We heard from a reliable source overnight who backed up this one.

“It’s about the only thing that’s likely to happen at this stage. Marsters is pretty keen to keep on being Spike. You can’t blame, it’s a cool character. They’re looking at shaping the telemovies around him, only because Boreanaz isn’t that interested, not because Spike’s the more appealing option.”

According to ‘Tabasco’, the telemovie might happen before the end of the year - but not as early as September as previously rumoured. “Best case scenario for everyone: telemovies go off, Spike gets a series. Whedon’s taking a break at the moment though, so don’t expect anything official for a couple of months”.

Meanwhile, J.August Richards [‘Gunn’] is testing for a plum role movie role, according to his official site.

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  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 14:33, by Sandy, Canada
    Again, my heart is heavy. I have fought for the cause for the last four months hoping upon hope that something positive would happen. Now, not only is Angel cancelled, the outlook of an ANGEL movie is not in the cards As much as I love Spike, I don’t fancy a spin-off about him. As each week passes and Angel’s end getting closer and closer, my spirits go lower and lower. It am at the point where I look forward to the final show so, maybe, over time, I can dig myself out of this pit of dispair and be safisfied with watching the show over and over again on DVD, yet still yearning for more stories.
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 15:38, by Anonymous
    OK, I AM EXCITED! Whoever produces the Spike spin-off has my patronage 100% I just hope his character is "good", and not the old evil Spike.
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 17:18, by brenna

    I hope the spin-off or movie rumors are true.

    That is a strange comment - the one about making sure no one thinks a Spike-centered effort is because anyone likes him better than Angel. Perish the thought! The comment has that "protest too much" air to it.

    Actually, I think Spike’s more popular as a character, which can’t possibly have escaped decision-maker’s notice. Personally, I say go with whatever main character can get the best numbers to keep the Buffyverse alive - I don’t care which one it is!

    Maybe the walking on eggs is to keep hope alive for DB doing a cameo or guest shots on any movie or spin-off.

  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 17:19, by Anonymous
    As far as my obsession goes, I really have to say, that I think it ends here with Angel. I really want more of it, Spike spin-off, another slayer series-but I don’t think there will be anymore. Thats why all this news of Angel on NBC and spin-off stuff isn’t appealing to me.
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 17:52, by Anonymous

    A spin off with spike could work, it doesn’t necessarily have to focus on him though. It makes sense to use him, he’s the one character that has had contact with the others on both buffy and angel.

    I would actually prefer an ensemble even if I am a huge spike fan...it would be worth it to see xander, giles, dawn etc. If if happens, I hope it happens within the next few years, definitely not expecting one next year.

  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 18:37, by Anonymous
    Whee! A Spike series! That just sounds splendiferous to me. If they make that happen, it’ll just be...yay!!!
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 19:05, by A . K
    That’s true Angel is over and i’m very sad but like James Marsters say,he gone make the spin off Spike and that’s a great news because he’s a good actor and everyone love that character. Well good and bad news.
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    12 May 2004 19:40, by PoD

    Okay I only know that James said something about a TV Movie and not about a Spin off...

    I would luv to get the Spike Tv Movie and even more when DeKnight writes it like James said last Sunday.

  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 00:58, by Scourge

    Spike spinoff?

    A spinoff about a vampire with a soul?

    Haven’t we deja’d this vu?

    I saw an article which referred to Joss’ work being split into the ’3 ages of Joss’

    1 - Buffy - Not purely aimed at but more appealing to teens to twenties. 2 - Angel - The twentysomethings and up. 3 - Firefly - More mature audiences, because of the all round feel of the show. In other words? its more real, theres not so much sex/violence in it.

    So where would ’Spike’ fit in? My reckoning? As much as he has his female fans in seemingly every generation ...(and be fair, the guys like, 40, so why wouldnt he?) ... the overall audience is gonna be teen girls, so it could even fall below Buffy in the ’Ages’. Well, thats providing the content stays with the hero with the soul and doesn’t go all Buffy season 6 on its audience (which i loved btw, coz it showed he was evil, but thats not the point here)

    *shrug* IMO the characters done. James Marsters is a cash cow, it’ll come down to whether Joss and/or M.E want to continue milking him, or to let it lie.

  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 02:11, by Anonymous
    nbc... ha. i bet. they have jack sh*t going for them now, they SHOULD move it there. that’ll never happen, though, angel is over with for good.
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 05:42, by P. Conaty
    I would definitely watch any Spike spinoff with or without Faith. I was hoping the NBC rumour was true- just think of all the publicity they’d get just by picking up the show. The WB was stupid for letting this show go-it had at least another 2 good years. It’s a shame that reality crap is about all we get-and I refuse to watch any of them! I also will never watch Dark Shadows on the WB. Or anything else for that matter!
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 07:00, by Anonymous
    I hope to God these rumors are true... Spike is my favorite character, but more importantly this universe just can’t die yet — there’s still too much left untouched and unexplained. Plus, a Spike series creates more possibilities for a Spuffy reunion. Hey, a girl can dream :)
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 08:16, by Hawk

    While I’m a huge Spike fan, I just can’t see a spin-off working.

    The character of Spike isn’t as complex as Angel or even Buffy for that matter. He has that "I don’t REALLY care what happens" attitude that wouldn’t help in building a series around him. He’s more of the "watch life pass by, and if something really interesting happens, I’ll jump in if I feel like it" kinda guy. Plus it wouldn’t look much different than Angel.

    Another problem, and he’s said it himself, is that he’s not really the brightest guy in the world. The writers would have to dig him up a Wesley to help him out, and Spike isn’t really the team up type. Sure he’ll do it when he has something to gain, or when someone pressures him into it.

    This isn’t to say that I’m opposed to the Spike spin-off idea... done right, it could be pretty damn funny. I just don’t see it happening for a long period of time.

  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 09:02, by Stormy 13
    For the last few years I haven’t watched ’Angel’ for the character of Angel so much as for the rest of the ensemble. This was the same reaction I had to the character of Buffy on ’Buffy’. These actors (DB, SMG) seem to distance themselves emotionally and thus, negate a lot of the visceral feeling I get from the character. I FEEL the performance of, say, James Marsters or Alexis Denisof or Alyson Hannigan. To me a ’Spike’ spin-off would be wonderful. If we could also include AD, AH and the wonderfully raw Eliza Dushku it would be perfect!
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 12:34, by Daivei
    i think a spike spin-off would be great, it would give a end to Angel and in a way it would make sense if you read the spoilers and what angel signs maybe? who knows hopefully one of these rumors is true and it will somehow find a way to continue. otherwise it was a great show and i enjoyed it.
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 12:53, by Sean Gecko
    Spike is insanely popular there is no way that networks haven’t notice that. A Spike series would have a better mix of the drama and humor for the network executives who felt Angel The Series was to dark and the fans who thought some of BtVS was too light . Well I hope this is true oh please I would love it on any channel Later all Be Cool Sean Gecko
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    13 May 2004 22:54, by Anonymous
    Tricky... great supporting character, but not lead material. Plus, his back story is not easily summed up, which would put off new viewers. It’s comic book spin off stuff, not a TV show. Unfortunately. (I’d still watch it though!)
  • > Making sense of the Angel rumours

    14 May 2004 06:05, by Saxongirl67
    COOL! I am an ANGEL & BUFFY Fanatic....ANGEL was always my favourite character, but SPIKE gets the best humourous lines. So I think that a Spike spin-off would be great. I would watch & buy the dvd’s & merchandise. It is a shame that David Boreanaz is not interested in a spin-off, perhaps "Alyson Hannigan" or "Eliza Dushku" or even "Nicholas" Brendon could be persuaded to join the cast as well.No matter who co-starred with James, it would be great. Although I did not like SPIKE in the first few appearances, his character grew into an immensely entertaining & interesting character & it would leave options open for returns by cast members we will miss greatly....there’s no gaurantee that "Movie" careers will take off. Even though I am the hugest of fans...it is merely reality, that we fall in love with the characters that the actors portray & even though it is their talent that is the drawcard, it still remains fact, that we may not necessarily be drawn to their future character portrayals......just food for thought!