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Rumours surface about Serenity sequel airing on Sci Fi Channel

Friday 2 December 2005, by Webmaster

Exclusive: A Serenity Sequel?

This one’s for the Browncoats.

December 1, 2005 - IGN FilmForce has heard that, although it was very disappointed in the poor boxoffice showing for Serenity, Universal may not have retired Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his renegade crew just yet.

Sources said that, given the strong sales of the TV series Firefly on DVD, Universal is planning a sequel film to Serenity that will be produced with and to broadcast premiere on the Sci Fi Channel, which is part of the NBC Universal family.

The project is said to be a lower budget undertaking streamlined for the small-screen.

IGN FilmForce checked with Joss Whedon’s camp who denied the claim; Universal did not comment.

Time will tell if this rumor pans out.

3 Forum messages

  • as much as i would LOVE to see another Serenity/Fierfly sequel movie thing, i think they shouldn’t do it if its going to be low budget. the ’Serenity’ movie was amazing, and it would be such a shame if the next legacy of ’Serenity’ was limited by cash and couldn’t be as spectacular as the last one
  • I tend to disagree - The original Firefly episodes were made on a "TV" budget and were spectacular. I am sure a Sci Fi movie like this would get more than a tv budget. I think continuing the story line with a limited budget would be preferable to not having it. If the characters and plot are there for this movie, then in my opinion, the fancy sets and CGI special effects are all just extras we could live without.

    The more copies of Serenity we buy for family and friends at Xmas, the better chance of the storyline getting a chance to continue on somewhere. Keep Flying!!

  • You take a ship in the air you don’t love, she’ll shake you off quicker than... ?

    "Firefly", "Whedon", "Low Quality" are contradictions in terms.